I'm Gillian

mum of 2 & wannabe homemaker

I've been on the blogging scene for a good number of years, but always behind the scenes, hiding my face. I've decided it's now my time to come out and play.

Since 2017 I've been designing high-end blogs for big influencers - mainly in the home decor niche - so why not take on a project like this of my own?

Come with me as I navigate this new project, and please be patient.

Fun Facts:

I was originally supposed to have a grand wedding in a castle in scotland, but after 3 date changes it was cancelled and we got married in my parents back garden instead. I'm sure you can guess why - hint: the wedding was booked for april 2020.

Although i'm based in Scotland, you will regularly see me in and around the United States as I do a lot of conferences and speaking about blogging.

I have very little style, and my husband has none at all. This should be a fun project. We also have way too much stuff that we have been given by my father-in-law. So our 4 bedroom home is in reality a 2 bedroom home with 2 storage rooms. Please help me change this!