Using Pouches to Organize Life {7 Different Kits}

Do you ever find yourself in the car and wish you had a hairbrush?  Or how about waiting in the doctor's office and you wish you had brought something to do with you?  This used to happen to me a lot, then I decided to put together some kits using pouches to throw in my bag for when I need something to do or to leave in the car with necessities I'm always finding I need.

Have you heard of ipsy?  I receive the monthly subscription service, ipsy, for makeup samples.  At $10 a month, it allows me to receive new products in small travel sizes which are perfect for trying out new looks and easy to take in my travel carry-on.  If you aren't familiar with ipsy, you can read more about it here.  Each month, they send your products neatly packaged in a cute cosmetic zip pouch.  Having received the service for about a year, I now have accumulated a lot of pouches!

Whether you receive this service or not, pouches are a great organizational tool.  Today I'm going to show you 7 ways that I organized my life with pouches!


1. Electronic Catch-all

Use a pouch to corral ear buds, screen cleaner and towel, iPhone, and wireless chargers.


2. Travel Art Kit

You would be amazed at how much can fit in a pouch!  Small notepad, pencil, markers, crayon rocks, stickers and an eraser should keep your little ones occupied in the car or in a waiting room.


3. Car Necessities

I have this kit in my car door which has my punch cards, mints, lipstick, kleenex, vaseline lip therapy, mini hairbrush and hair bands.  These tend to be things I'm always needing and now they are ready and handy.


4. Letter Writing Kit

I keep this kit in my desk drawer.  I can grab it and take it with me if I have a few spare minutes to write out a note, or can use it right at the desk.  Everything is convienetly packaged together; notecards, stamps, and a pen.


5. Sunglass Case

Not all of the sunglasses I own came with a nice case, so I keep a pouch for my glasses in the car or my purse.  This will protect them from being broken or scratched and I can find them easily.


6. First Aid Kit

This kit has Bandaids and a few other first aid items which can be stored in a drawer, purse, or car.


7. Manicure/ Pedicure Kit

A pouch is the perfect size to store nail polish, nail file, clippers, and remover wipes for a quick manicure anywhere.


These kits take only minutes to put together and will save you a lot of time from running around the house to find these items when you need them.  It's nice to have things on hand and organized especially in our busy lives as moms!  Keep a kit or two in your car for those times you are waiting on practice to be over!  You can get that letter written or your nails filed and painted in a matter of minutes with your organized pouches.

The options are endless, so get creative!


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