4 Blue & White Ideas To Freshen Up Your Winter Decor

 Today I'm sharing 4 Blue & White Ideas to Freshen Up Your home For Winter!

It's no secret if you've been visiting the blog in the last two years that I have a sudden obsession with blue and white. I love how it agrees with my favorite home color, green.  It mixes well and has such a classic appeal.  Traditional homes have used blue and white for generations in their home decor and furnishings.  It also pairs so well with a cottage aesthetic.  From pretty flower motifs to gingham to stripes, it screams English Cottage Style.

4 Blue & White Ideas To Freshen Up Your Winter Decor

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Use Blue & White Porcelain 

Our Classic & Cozy Christmas Family Room~ White Cottage Home & Living

I added several pieces to my family room.  These on my coffee table along with a book add a blue and white touch to my neutral/ green space. You can shop a slew of blue and white porcelain on Etsy (LINK).

Source: Mark D. Sikes (LINK)

In the above photo, you can see blue and white porcelain on the mantel and also a piece as an end table.

Embrace Pattern Mixes

If you haven't discovered Mark D. Sikes (LINK) yet and you like blue and white, then you need to head over to this designer's page like yesterday!  He is the king of this traditional color combo!  I love his book Beautiful All- American Decorating and Timeless Style (LINK) for design inspiration.

Source: Mark D. Sikes (LINK)

I love the combination of the stripes with the floral.  Both being in the blue and white color scheme makes it not too loud.

Early Fall in the Family Room with Touches of Blue and Green~ White Cottage Home & Living

I've used a combination of stripes and florals in my family room. These ottomans from Target (LINK) echo the stripes on the pillow cover.  My floral throw blanket (LINK) across the back of the couch is a larger print using the same color palette.

Look Outside for Cues

Source: Mark D. Sikes (LINK)

Another vote for mixing classic blue and white with other accent colors is to look out your window or examine your color palette in your garden. Blue and white stools with the green island above echos what you see in nature.

Early Fall in the Family Room with Touches of Blue and Green~ White Cottage Home & Living

My green dresser (LINK) a DIY project from a few years ago is a pretty pop which works beautifully with the blue and white porcelain and stripes in this space.

Go Bold With Your Walls or Furniture

Source: Mark D. Sikes (LINK)

Wrapping this room in blue even in a softer shade will make a statement in your space.  I recently went blue in my dining room and really love the timeless look adding blue to the walls gave this space.

I also really love how removable wallpaper can improve the look of a space!  You can see this gorgeous wallpaper by Indigo Design Co (LINK) in this post. 

New Update With Removable Wallpaper in the Kitchen & Hallway

And one more spot in my home this year got an update with blue and white removable wallpaper by Roommates (LINK).

Removable Wallpaper in a Small Space~ White Cottage Home & Living

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