All You Need is Love… And An Extra Day in February!

Today, I am over at Old House to New Home sharing a DIY Vanilla & Lavender Scrub recipe.

DIY Vanilla & Lavender Sugar Scrub by www.whitecottagehomeandliving.comI'd love to have you visit me there!  In the mean time, Cally is back and she has some great ideas to make February a month to remember.  Enjoy!

Hey, everyone! 2016 has already gotten a hold of 1 whole month of 2016. Time to plan for February! Have you heard of “The Year of Cozy” by Adrianna Adarme? It was a must have on my Christmas list and it has not disappointed. Its mission is to make everyday life cozy and carefree. The suggested projects are broken down into 3 categories: Do, Make, Live. I am LOVING sitting on my floor and indulging in its wonderfulness

Cally #1

Part of what brings me joy in my home is changing simple décor around the seasons and holidays. Being a Preschool Teacher, I always seem to be making something out of nothing, hence, my new February garland!

Simple twine, random ribbon, cards that are missing their mates.

My kind of project. (read:mess free)

Cally #2

I also like to update my mantle after the post-Christmas winter doldrums. A Little bit of love and tiny hints of spring!

Cally #3

Part of what I love about my group of girlfriends is planning reasons for us to get together. “Gal”entines Day is all the rage this year…stay tuned for a casual but quirky gals brunch! Are you cheers-ing to your favorite gal pals on February 13?!

Cally #4

Speaking of food, our household is all about pizza lately. We subscribe to Blue Apron 2 times a month and love anytime pizza is on the menu. I have started to explore different toppings and side salads to keep feeding the need for all things pizza. Ricotta, lemon, and red onion? Yum!

Cally #5

And no matter what anyone says, Love Actually is all around. Especially when it’s my hubby’s poker night and I get “me time” all while drinking tea…or wine. Mani/Pedi for the win!

Cally #6

To keeping things cozy!


Thanks for joining us today, Cally!  I can't wait to try out some of those cozy projects!

To life feeling like home!


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