Angel Tree Angel’s

Emma and I are blessed to have the time together during the day to do some things that otherwise if she was in typical “school,” we wouldn't be able to do.  Last week, we got the opportunity to work behind the scenes at our Angel Tree collection and distribution center.  If you haven't heard of Angel Tree, you can read more about this awesome organization here.

We had the best time!  During our 3 hour time slot of serving, our job was to collect the presents as they were dropped off, check them in by scanning their Angel Tree tag in the computer system, and then match them by number on the tables provided.

Here is Emma hard at work scanning and checking in gifts.

IMG_6149I was so impressed with the organizational system they had in place to efficiently get the gifts checked in and out the door then to the right families.  It's a HUGE operation! Here are a couple of views of the room which allow you to see just how many presents we're talking about.


Notice the presents on the floor under all the tables as well.IMG_6151Now the other side of the room.


 Staff said at the time in which we served, only 20% of the gifts had been returned.  I so wish I could have seen that room after all the collecting was finished!  I can picture the presents piled to the ceiling.

Here are the two smiling “Angels” of the day 🙂
IMG_6153I have to say of all the things I've done this Christmas season thus far, this was my very favorite!  It proves to me once again, that experiences are more meaningful than things. That time spent with Emma is something I'll always cherish.  Also, I realized, that helping others is the way to truly feel the Christmas spirit.

Do you have a special Christmas tradition of serving others this season?  If so, I'd love to hear about what you and your family do.

To life feeling like home!


  1. kris says:

    Love serving others through the Angel Tree every year!

  2. Roseann says:

    I’m sure that was a special experience. So glad Emma got to share that time with you!

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