Ask Amy! {25 Random Facts or Thoughts About The Life From Home (LFH) Author}

Ok friends, I've had a lot more readers join me in the last few months, so, first of all, I wanted to say Welcome and Thank YOU!  I feel honored that you spend even a few minutes every day reading this blog.  I love to hear from you and anytime you feel compelled, please leave me a note or comment!

I'm starting a new series, called “Ask Amy.”  For this first post, I thought I'd tell you some things about myself.  I may not be that interesting, but I promise I'll try.  You may even have a laugh or two!

These are not in any specific order.

1. I am 5'11 inches tall  

Thus the variety of nicknames I had growing up including but not limited to: bird, giraffe, Olive Oyl. Ugh to the nicknames, but I've grown to appreciate the height.


2. I never played Basketball

Just because you're tall doesn't mean you are a basketball player people!  Jeesh.  I hate that question. Maybe it was because I was completely uncoordinated.

3. I am oddly good at very weird sports

To tag on with the one above, I tend to excel at off the wall sports like bowling, curling (yes, curling), darts and synchronized swimming.  Oh, and head banging.  Yes, it is a sport and I have been known to show off my skills once in a while.  Usually after glasses of wine.

4. I wanted to be a fashion designer

I started school in fashion but changed to teaching.  I still sometimes wonder, “what if?”

5. I love chick flicks  

I have a personal collection of my favorites which include: The Holiday (my fav!), Pretty Woman, Leap Year, 27 dresses, Sweet Home Alabama, You've got mail etc.

6. I'm from a really small town and moving to Cincinnati was like moving to the “Big City”

I love all things Cincinnati.  Best decision I ever made.  6a. But, if I could choose to live anywhere, it would be near the ocean.

7. I am obsessed with throw pillows

My daughter steers me away when she sees pillows because she knows I can't say no.  “Walk away from the pillows!” Who didn't like a couch full of pillows? I ask.

8. I have watched every season of the Bachelor/ Bachelorette

Shameful, I know, but very entertaining.

9. I have the most amazing parents 

I come from a very small family.  My dad was an only child, my mom has one brother who had one child, so I have only one cousin and a younger brother.  I cherish all the family I can get.  They make me laugh and are extremely supportive.  I am blessed.

10. I have been in almost all of the 50 states

I am missing, Alaska, Oregon, N. Dakota, and Washington.  We took road trips every summer growing up to National Parks.  Lots of car rides in the old mini van, but great memories.

11. Our family went to South Africa on vacation.  

We took a safari and spent a week in Capetown.  It was the best vacation ever!  You can read more about our South Africa adventure HERE.

12. I am a Christ Follower 

and have been since I was 6 years old.  My beliefs make me who I am today.

13.  I co- hosted my first ever charity event last spring

I was scared to death friends, but I did it and now I am hoping to make it an annual event.  You can read more about our Swap for a Change event HERE.

14. I love to shop thrift stores, Good Will and Antique stores

I have all kinds of collections dating back to my first collection of shot glasses from all the places we visited on vacation.  What amazing parent buys their 6-year-old a shot glass, lol.

15. In the game “I Never,” I always win with “I never have been on a billboard.”

Yes, I have the hilarious picture to prove it.

16. If I could live in jeans, I would

I am a casual person and love a good pair of jeans. I rarely wear skirts or dresses.  And due to the height, heels are not my friend.

17. I love watching my kids play sports

I am so proud of them for trying, especially since I wasn't coordinated (see above, lol). Watching them play is one of my favorite things to do.

18. I got engaged under the Eiffel Tower

My husband wanted to make sure I said yes.  I did and have never regretted it.


19. I love spending time with my friends

Greg and I have amazing friends that we love to hang out with.

20. I don't like hand cream

There is something about it that I can't stand.  It makes me feel like my hands are dirty? I've tried really hard to find one that absorbs quickly and doesn't leave my hands feeling sticky/ slimy.  If you've got a suggestion, let me know!

21. I think I have a better side

I always readjust myself when getting my picture taken because I think I look better from one side.  Maybe it's something about the way my hair falls.  Who knows!

22. I am not a good cleaner.  I own a Roomba and run it twice a day.

Best money I've ever spent.

23. We eat at the same restaurant almost every Friday

We have a sports bar down the street and similar to Cheers, the waitresses know us and know what we order.  My kids run around and different sets of friends show up each time.

24. I can't live without coffee

It doesn't matter which kind.  I only use cream in it.

25. I've always wanted to adopt and we haven't taken that off the table yet 🙂

What Twenty-Five things should I know about you?

Tell me by commenting below.

And come back tomorrow to hear about some of my latest obsessions!

To life feeling like home!



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  2. Kimberley says:

    Very nice blog. I look forward to learning more about you. My husband and I are planning on heading to North Dakota next summer to Camp in Bismark.

  3. Emerald says:

    You’re 5’11??! So cool! Lol I am only 5’4.. I would love to be that tall.

  4. Liz Mays says:

    There are some serious treasures to be found in thrift stores. Keep on with that! I’v also shamefully watched every season of The Bachelor and Bachelorette.

  5. Hi Amy! I love this post and it’s nice to know a few things about you. I love bowling and coffee, too. I also love to shop at thrift stores.

  6. Well I’m only 5ft 1in so the opposite to you. I do though have some other things in common like coffee…..

  7. Marissa says:

    What a great way to share about yourself. I am also a fan of Goodwill/second hand stores – totally taught to be by my mom… finding treasures….

    And I’m there with you and coffee… gotta have it…


  8. Melanie says:

    I am also a jeans girl. 🙂

    I did a 25 random things about me post a while back …

  9. Wow, I have learned a lot about you; it’s amazing that you’ve been to all the states!

  10. I think you and I must be soul sisters… I’ve never met a throw pillow I didn’t like! Haha! I love these questions, definitely helps to get to “know” the gal behind the blog!

  11. Mary Collins says:

    Interesting factoids about you. I, too, like shopping at thrift stores. I love taking something someone got rid of and making it into something beautiful.

  12. Jelli says:

    Curious, do you like Cincy-style spaghetti? I’m a HUGE fan but I know some who can’t stomache it.

  13. Andi says:

    i saw all the nicknames – boy could i relate 😀

  14. Heather says:

    Well you sound like a fu. Interesting person, I don’t know what your were first taking about. Having been to all 50 states, surely you have some awesome adventure stories. 🙂

  15. Pamela says:

    Oh what a fun post! I had an aunt who was tall and oh-so-beautiful-and-graceful. I wanted to be tall. My sister got 2 more inches than I and I’ve always been jealous of that! Isn’t it great how God puts us all together with things that a unique us? How boring if we were all alike.

  16. Debbie Denny says:

    Awesome to know more about you. PS I can’t live without coffee.

  17. Shann Eva says:

    Great post .I love getting to know the person behind the blog .I also love chick flicks .So cool you have a regular spot to eat. Gotta get one of those .

  18. this is awesome! Nice to meet you! I’ve got an about me post – will have to share that with everyone one day on the fb group.

    I’m done with about 30 of the states. I’m excited to think that all will be done one day…soon. i hope.

  19. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    Wow, 5″11″ is mighty tall. I am only 5’2″ and I get the short comments all the time.

  20. Two things about me – I drive through Cincinnati often because my mom and sister live near Middletown. And I can win I never with “I’ve never had my marriage proposal on MSNBC!”

  21. Kristen says:

    Love your list! I am guilty of shopping at thrift stores, too, and liking chick flicks. 🙂

  22. Jodi Spencer says:

    Love your post and how openly you shared! (And your theme is totally gorgeous!)

  23. Love your fact about visiting all the states! We are making a map now and ‘pinning’ all the places we have been! We LOVE traveling!

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