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Several of you have mentioned Bargains and Buyouts on Facebook and encouraged me to go see what it's all about.  So recently, I had a free afternoon to go and check it out.  This was the Cincinnati location.  Here is the website for more information on the store.

“We are a liquidation company, with the vast majority of our product is un-used, brand new overstock product that our suppliers were willing to let go of for extremely low rates, which thereby allows us to pass on those great savings to you! “

Today, I was looking for a chair for Olivia's room to complete her reading nook.


My first impression of the store was , wow!  It's large and there is stuff everywhere.  It has a warehouse feel, but honestly things were organized pretty well into sections.  Small living areas to walk through and then a separate area for chairs, rugs, tables etc.




They even had outdoor furniture, laptops, household appliances and shoes.

Here are some of the items I liked.

IMG_7084 IMG_7085 IMG_7086 IMG_7087

It's one of those places which is hit or miss, so you never know what you might find.

And then I saw it….. The perfect chair for her room.

IMG_7088I was able to negotiate the chair down.  Originally it was $300, they were selling it for $169 and I negotiated $150.  I was pretty happy with that.  It was the right color and comfort level we were looking for.

If you visit, keep in mind that they want you to negotiate with a salesperson before you get to the counter.  The counter is simply to pay for your purchase.  Also, make sure you can get it home.  They will help you get it in your vehicle, but be prepared to wait for that service.  I'm not sure if they offer any kind of delivery service.

Here is my purchase nestled perfectly into Olivia's new room.

IMG_7096 IMG_7095

The perfect spot for reading!

To life feeling like home!


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