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I am a sports mom!  Yep.  I said it out loud.  My life with three children revolves around my children's sports schedules.  And you know what?  I love it!  I am having a ball watching my children play in soccer games, compete in horse competitions, play baseball and shoot baskets.  I am so proud of their efforts and their teamwork.  Our lives are busy, busy, busy, but I wouldn't trade the memories we are making as a family for anything.  It is a beautiful thing to see my children cheering each other on during their various activities.  Our family spends a lot of time in carpools, but it's also a time we can talk and a way for me to connect with their friends.

Our nights can be so busy between practices, homework, dinners, and daily chores that I've found it critical to find products that I can rely on and will get the job done.  As our days evolve, our schedules include quick dinners, loads of laundry, and minor cleanups as we go along.

Three of my favorite products are P&G products that I can purchase at my local Costco: Gain Original laundry detergent, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, and Cascade Complete Action Pacs.  All three of these are hard working products that I cannot live without.


I love the smell of Gain detergent.  It has a fresh and clean scent, which helps counteract the sports smells that I am always trying to get rid of. With grass, mud and food stains, I need to be sure that my detergent is fighting hard for me. I never have to worry about rewashing my clothes multiple times because Gain always gets them clean the first time.

P&G Help for busy moms by www.whitecottagehomeandliving.com

Can you relate to dinners on the run?  Even though our schedules are crazy, I strive really hard to still cook at home and eat as a family.  The one thing I've had to shorten is our clean up time.  Though hand washing our dishes each night is a great thought, it is not in the cards, so instead, I rely on Cascade Action Pacs to wash the food and grime off our dinner plates.  Within a couple of minutes, we can get the dishwasher loaded and run out the door. Cascade uses the power of Dawn to wash without any pre-rinse needed, so I am guilt free when I move on to my next activity.

P&G Help for busy moms by www.whitecottagehomeandliving.com

Finally, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are my go-to when I need to fix a scuff on a horse boot or clean up a smudge in my car.  I keep a stash of these handy because I always need a mom tool in my bag! These little micro scrubbers wipe out dirt and grime leaving only the clean underneath. They have definitely been a lifesaver to me on more than one occasion.

P&G Help for busy moms by www.whitecottagehomeandliving.com

Even though life is crazy, it is the little daily things that make life easier and manageable. Because, really when it comes right down to it, I wouldn’t change a thing!

To life feeling like home!


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