Choosing Flooring for Our Master Bedroom

Today, let's talk flooring!  I am super excited about the new flooring we chose in our master bedroom space.  

We are done and it looks fantastic!  Eek!  What a major difference from that old shag we lived with for two years! I can't wait to share more details and the final reveal with you all!  

First let's take a look back at the space with the carpeting. 

spring decor- master bedroom- spring decor- bedroom decor- bedroom-white decor- shabby chic decor- feminine decor- spring in the bedroom- floral prints- mantel decor- faux milk glass

Why wood flooring?

You may be asking why I didn't replace it with new carpet.  I'm going to tell you, I'm not a huge fan of carpet.  When I look at carpet, I see potential stains from pets, kids, and lots of vacuuming.  I don't find wood flooring to be cold, instead, I love softening it up with area rugs and enjoy the ease of cleaning it with a dust mop, damp rag for stains, and my robot vacuum; even in the bedroom.  

What was I looking for from the new flooring?

It's a very large space, close to 1,000 square feet between the room, closet and two hallways.  In addition, there are two exits directly from the room out to the pool area.  My goal in choosing flooring was to find a long lasting, durable, and timeless style that I would love for years to come.  Since the space is large, I was looking for something without a strong graining.  I love that look in some spaces, but it would be too busy for our large room.  I love the amount of light we get in our space, so I wanted to keep the floors from getting too dark.  Lastly, the flooring needed to be within a certain budget, so “real” wood was eliminated right away.

Floor & Decor had so many wonderful options to choose from and you can read more about how Design Services assisted me in choosing the perfect product for my needs, here (LINK).

Narrowed down to two options

So let's take a look at the two options I narrowed it down too!

1. Powder Springs Oak (LNK)

I loved that this was a water resistant engineered wood because of our pool entrances/ exits.  Also, the style, budget, and grain fit into my wish list.

2. Tawny Estate Oak (LINK)

My 2nd option was the one layered in the front on the bottom called Tawny Estate Oak.  This was similar to the one above except for it had a bit of a warmer undertone.  Where they both had gray in them, this one just appeared to be a bit more warm. 

Our choice

We ended up going with the second picture, Tawny Estate Oak (LINK).  I ultimately chose it for the warmth that I felt it would add to such a large space.  I believe either choice would have worked nicely, but this one really nailed exactly what I was looking for.  I feel like it is a timeless design that we'll love for years to come!

I really am happy with our choice!  It has made a world of difference in how we've lived in the space and how much time I want to spend in there.  Before, I kind of avoided this space and only really used it to sleep.  Now, I'm enjoying hanging out, watching tv, or reading a book. 

If you are looking for new flooring, Floor & Decor (LINKI) has all the options you need!



  1. michelle says:

    Wow, these look amazing. I opt for Signature Flooring and Interiorand they did an amazing job.

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  3. I’m with you all the way with the wooding floorings, they look so good in your house! it just gives off that refined look, and they’re easy to clean to boot,

  4. […] can read more about the floor we chose and why (LINK), and how Floor & Decor Design Services helped us with our choice […]

  5. Justin says:

    Your bedroom looks amazing! I recently moved from hardwood floors with an area rug in my bedroom to all carpet in my bedroom. I miss my area rug! It’s such a beautiful thing. Love your room!

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