DIY: Mason Jar Snow Globes

This is the cutest craft I've made yet this season!  Super easy as well.  I have seen these on Pinterest and Emma and I decided to give them a try.  These are waterless snow globes made out of Mason jars and mini figurines and trees.  She is 11 and really enjoyed this project.  The only caution I offer is in the use of the hot glue gun.  Every other part of this project is very family friendly.

When finished, we created a snowman family that we will keep for years to come.


Here are the supplies needed to make them:

*foil metallic Krylon spray paint, mason jars (or other small jars), snowflakes, glitter, hot glue gun, bristle trees and small figurines.  My figurines and trees were purchased at Hobby Lobby.  I used ornaments for a couple of them and just unscrewed the hook from the top.


First step is to spray  paint your lids.  While wet, I added glitter to them.  When dry, hot glue the inside to the ring so they are all one piece.


Next hot glue the figurine and tree to the inside of the lid.IMG_6250

Turn the jar over and add snowflakes. Secure lid and add twine or ribbon if wanted around the lid.

Here are smaller ones that we made with recycled bouillon jars.IMG_6258


I displayed them in my Dining Room on the buffet.  By adding a wood slice and mini tree, it created a Christmasy vignette.


Since I used snowman and deer and not Santa's, these can be kept out through the winter.  Shake them up and watch the snow come tumbling down!

To life feeling like home!


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