Curb Appeal Challenge 2016: Front Porch Refresh & Lighting

Ok, call me crazy, but I signed up for another challenge!  I know that most of you followed along with my One Room Challenge space that I completed several weeks ago.  If you missed the reveal of Grant's Modern Vintage Sports Bedroom, you can see it here.

Spring has to be one of the busiest times of the year for housework!  The snow melts and your grass and trees revive themselves after a long season of winter.  I think that added on to the challenge of the season is the busyness of life with kids spring activities and school wrapping up for the year.

I love the season of spring because of the new life it represents and the promise of summer, but I don't always relish the hard work involved.  Anybody else feel the same way?

Though I can say that mowing grass isn't one of my favorite things, planting flowers and refreshing my front porch are projects I can find enjoyable when time allows.

We redid our entire landscaping from top to bottom several years ago, so the basics are there and still looking good.  What I need to refresh is the front porch.  Each year, I try to add a little something to the space to make it a more comfortable and inviting area to hang out.  Unfortunately, it's not very big.  I really would love to have a deep sitting porch to hang out on, but I at least have enough room for chairs.  It is a great spot to watch the kids playing basketball on our driveway. We received a pair of hand me down wicker chairs and a stand which are still in good shape, but that and a mishmash of pots is all we have.

When we redid the initial landscaping, we ran out of money for lighting. That was a project we always said we'd get back to, so that is also on my curb appeal project list.

So, for this 4-week challenge, I am joining forces with 10 other blogging friends and we are getting our curb appeal on!

Curb Appeal Refresh Design Board

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Here is the current landscaping and front porch areas.

Curb Appeal Challenge: Landscaping for Front of Our Home by Curb Appeal Challenge: Front Porch by Curb Appeal Challenge: Front Porch by Curb Appeal Challenge: Front Porch by Curb Appeal Challenge: Front Porch by

Not too bad, but lighting and some front porch touches will be amazing updates.

So to recap, this is a 4-week challenge.

My curb appeal project list: 

1.Outdoor lighting

2.Front Porch Refresh

Stay tuned for the next 4 Tuesdays for curb appeal updates, a fun giveaway, and to follow along with all the other participating blogs.  You can find them all at #curbappealbloghop

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To life feeling like home!


  1. Your house is already so pretty Amy! I can’t wait to see the changes you are making! Love those floral cushions.

  2. You have such a beautiful home and lovely bones, I think anything you add to it will just make it prettier! I am excited to see what you do with the lighting and landscaping. I like the colorful cushions in your pinboard!


  3. The landscaping looks beautiful, I love the ideas your have chosen for the front porch. I love the table, I am looking for something like that in White, i’m going to check your affilate links for a side table. Take care Maria

  4. Emily says:

    I love your front door! I always wanted to add bricks to my home’s exterior. I don’t think I will attempt that for this curb appeal challenge. I am excited to see your refresh!

  5. Deb says:

    Wow Amy your home is gorgeous! Love those doors and the brick. I can’t wait to see what the refresh is going to look like!

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