Declutter Your Home: Tips to Keeping Your Kitchen Counters Clear

I hope you had an enjoyable weekend celebrating Halloween!  It was a perfect night with friends for us.  We not only had great weather (not raining!), but everyone enjoyed food and fellowship together.  We had quite a group of kiddos to take trick or treating!


It's hard work passing out that candy!


So I decluttered around my house after a major clean up from the Halloween party and it got me thinking….

What do you do with your mail each day?

A while back, someone commented on the wire basket I'm about to show you, so I thought I'd explain my mail system to you.

 I was finding that I was really in need of a good landing-place after we bring it in from the box each day.  One of my constant struggles is keeping it off my kitchen counters!  If it begins to stack up, then not only do I have a messy kitchen, but it somehow doesn't make it over to my desk when it needs too.


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I found these hanging wire baskets at World Market and decided to try one of them out as a mail catch-all.  

Wire Baskets

I do like sorting mail in the kitchen because so much of it ends in the recycling bin or garbage, so I can stand and sort it at the counter, then put the rest in the hanging basket.

Bills are then taken directly to the office where they are needed by the computer for inputting.


As you can  see, we screwed it in the side of the cabinet.  I added a chalkboard tag to identify its use for when I can get my kids in on this system!

The recycling bin and trash can are stored right there in the cabinet for easy accessibility.  

A simple solution, but it is working so well for my family!

What system do you use?


To life feeling like home!


  1. Cindy Wethington says:

    I bought the white pedestal bowl and I love it! It was packaged so well. I love your shop and your decorating style! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Lorena Barnett says:

    Since I started reading your ideas, I have been so encouraged to change and organize better my home, as well as your cleaning tips.
    Thank you sooo much!

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