Vintage Collections: Come Take a Peek at My Cameras

Today I wanted to chat a bit about collections.  I have always had collections even as a child.  I remember collecting stickers in sticker books, shot glasses from all the places visited on vacations, and Boyd's Bear figurines when I was a little older.  My love of bear figurines and stickers has waned, but I do still have several collections around my home.  

There is something fun about collections.  The way they have meaning to you and add a sense of warmth and uniqueness to your home.  There are so many different things to collect and what you choose says something about your personality or who you are.  One of several collections I have in my home is a vintage camera collection. I have always enjoyed photography and it may have started from long road trips in the summer in our station wagon and later a cargo van.  I always had a camera with me and still have documentation from all those places we visited when I was a kid.   My first camera was collected at a Paris flea market.  I'll never forget bartering for that one and the wonderful memories of that trip. The ones following have been collected over the years through e-bay or thrifting.  There is something fun about the hunt and how a collection develops over the course of months to years.

IMG_9689 IMG_9690 IMG_9706 IMG_9705 IMG_9692 IMG_9691

The cameras I have are not worth much or even operable, but I love looking for one that has unique features and isn't one I already own.  When all put together, they make a fun and purposeful vignette.

Do you have anything you collect?

How do you display your collection?

HGTV has an article on its website providing some great tips to displaying your collectible treasures HERE.





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