DIY Thankful Banner

Here is one last DIY Thanksgiving project for you before the big day this week.  I saw this idea on Pinterest and just loved it.  I do not have many Thanksgiving decorations and our mantle always looks blah after taking down the Halloween fun stuff, so when I came across this Thankful banner, I thought it would be perfect to add a little something.

Here is the finished product:

Here is how we did it.

Supplies needed:

Twine, chip board letters THANKFUL, Large letters BE, Burlap pennants, gold spray paint, cream acrylic craft paint, glue gun



1. Spray paint sides of letters in gold spray paint.  I also did the backs by default.  Spray your BE gold also if that's how you'd like it.  Let dry.


2. Flip over letters and paint just the tops in the cream craft paint. Let dry.  I did a couple of coats.


3. Hole punch holes in your burlap banner for the twine to feed through.  They sell the burlap pre-made in pennant shape at Hobby Lobby, but you could also cut your own.

4. Using your hot glue gun, glue the letters to the burlap.  The glue will seep through the holes, so wax paper works well underneath to catch the extra glue.  Let dry.


5. Feed twine through and adjust letters for even spacing.  Hang.  I just used packaging tape to attach to the mantle and stuck a candle on top as extra reinforcement.

Here is the link to the project idea over at landeelu.


Did you do any fun projects for Thanksgiving?

Oh, and what are you thinking of my new blog theme and set-up?  I'm feeling really professional now, lol!

To life feeling like home!



  1. Jann Olson says:

    Simplistic beauty Amy. I love using burlap!

  2. Landee says:

    Your banner turned out so pretty! Beautiful!

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