DIY Thanksgiving napkin rings

We always travel for Thanksgiving so I do not get the pleasure (or pain as it may be!) of hosting for this holiday.  Because of this, I was trying to think of a way to contribute in a non food way to our feast.

This year, my daughter, Olivia, wanted to help make something we could easily transport to our destination.  We decided to make homemade napkin rings.  This seemed like an easy DIY activity we could do together.


We decided to make each one a little different.  I gathered all the craft supplies I had on hand and just laid them out.  We kind of just made it up as we went along which made this project loads of fun.  No right or wrong way to do it.

Here are the ones that she made:







Here are the ones I made:








Supplies needed for Olivia's napkin rings:

*Turkey: cardstock various colors for turkey and for ring, googly eyes, stickers for name- hot glue it all together and attach to a cardstock ring

*Flower: flower embellishment, cardstock ring covered in checked craft paper, chalkboard tag- hot glue together

*Leaf: print out colored leaf, card stock- cut out leaf and glue to card stock, cut again, hot glue to cardstock ring

*Wooden chalkboard disc- raffia, wooden chalkboard disc, chalk, cardstock- cut cardstock into a strip, glue, write name on disc with chalk, hot glue pieces of raffia to cardstock ring, hot glue on disc

*White flower: gold stamp, card stock and flower embellishment card stock ring, stamp gold circle stamp, attach flower

Supplies needed for my napkin rings:

*Flower and raffia wrapped: raffia, card stock, flower embellishment, craft tag- cut card stock strip and wrap raffia around it tightly hot glueing it, hot glue together into ring, hot glue tag and flower embellishment on

*Wooden beads and tag: wooden beads, raffia, card stock, gold stamp- string beads on raffia, hole punch small rectangle tag and tie off raffia, gold stamp circle and write name

Ribbon: ribbon, wooden bead, craft tag: thread craft tag on ribbon, thread both through bead, write name on tag

Flower and give thanks tag: flower embellishment, craft tag, card stock, checked craft paper, raffia- cut card stock into strip and cover with checked craft paper, glue, hole punch and attach craft tag with give thanks sticker with raffia, tie off, hot glue flower embellishment

Wooden disc and ribbon: cardstock, gold stamp, wooden disc, ribbon and chalk: layer two layers of cardstock to make thicker tube, use fall stamp and gold stamp pad to make leaves, tie a ribbon on wooden chalk board disc, hot glue together, write name with chalk

My recommendation is to only use the hot glue gun with adult supervision.  Everything else is pretty familly friendly!


I hope this gives you some ideas for your Thanksgiving table decor.  These are super easy and a fun activity to do with your children.

To life feeling like home!



  1. Cally says:

    These look amazing, you girls have been busy!
    What a great idea for a family that travels to still take part in the feast and festivities!

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