Does Color Matter in Your Kitchen?

You want your kitchen to be a place that you retreat to, and you also want to ensure it is a reflection of you. Color can help you create a kitchen that you can be proud of, and it can help you create an inspiring space to cook (and eat) in. Before stocking up on paint and paint brushes, it is important to think about how important color can be in your kitchen and, most importantly, where it should be used.

New Update With Removable Wallpaper in the Kitchen & Hallway

Why Color Can Be Important

Color can help your kitchen feel alive, and it can help it feel vibrant. This changes the atmosphere and makes you want to be in your kitchen – and not just at mealtimes. Color can be important for boosting your mood and for boosting older-style kitchens. Color will raise spirits and give a kitchen a whole new lease of life – but only when it is applied correctly. If colors are just applied with little consideration to a color scheme, then you can find adding color can have a negative impact.

Top Tip: Use colors that you love and enjoy. Just because a color is in fashion or on-trend, it doesn’t mean that you should use it in your kitchen. Think about how the color will make you feel, and carefully consider which colors make you happy.

Deciding Where to Add Color

Take your time and think about where you would like to see color. Would you like to add a bit of color to the kitchen walls? Would you like to create a colored splash back behind the oven and hob? Or would you prefer to introduce color in the accessories and appliances you have in your kitchen? For instance, you can get brightly colored kettles and toasters that will liven up any work surface.

Keeping Surfaces Neutral

Not everything in your kitchen must have color, and not everything needs to be bright and in your face. There are a lot of natural and earth colored products that look beautiful in their natural state. For example, stone floor tiles that you have purchased from, or natural stone countertops can draw in the eye and finish a colored kitchen. Natural products such as stone can also add depth and warmth to a space, and this is important, especially in a room that is the heart of the home.

Having a Light and Bright Space to Work In

Color can be good in your kitchen, but it is important not to go over the top. Adding too much color can darken a space, and it can leave you struggling to see what you are cooking and preparing. A light and bright space to work in is important, so where you can try and use paints that reflect the light.

Top Tip: Avoiding Harsh Colors – You may love the color red but is this appropriate or suitable for your kitchen? Harsher and louder colors can be a focal point in your kitchen, but at times they can feel oppressive – especially if you only have a small space to work with.

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