Epic Toy Battles

If you have a three-year-old, you know what it means when he says, “Mommy, will you play bad guys?”  In our house, it seems to be the favored choice of play right now.  It usually consists of setting up all the guys and knocking them in down in a variety of ways within seconds of beginning the battle.  Oh, and I always lose.

I documented our latest battle for you to enjoy:

It begins with me being Mr. Dino.  If I am blessed to get Mr. Dino, then I may stand a chance because he can stomp on lots of people and things.  So, I actually am happy with this assignment.  As you can see it takes some concentration to get the guys set up just right…..


And so it begins……..

Within seconds, I'm down…

Dino down

Ok, let's try this again…..

Bringing out the big guns

This time, we bring out the big guns for the battle.

Dino down again

Ok, this time, I go on the defense and build a booby trap.

Come and get me now!

There is no stopping the Tonka.

Look at that face.

Round 3…

Really is this fair?

The battles tend to get larger as we go on.  This time, Thomas joins in the fight.

He can't be that bad, can he?

Flying Thomas

Oh, and we play in our underwear.

Finally, I decide I've had enough… Here comes my savior…

Yeah, my flying ace

Even he can't stop Superman… REALLY


This is what my life from home looks like…. and I love it.

How about you?

To life feeling like home!


My little warrior!

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