Fall Porch With Yellow & Red

My fall porch is decked out in bright fall colors!

Autumn is here, and I am beyond excited to introduce you to the vibrant transformation of my front porch. With the season’s signature chill and the hues of fallen leaves, what better way to celebrate than to give my porch a bright fall makeover?

Let's embark on a journey to explore the hues and nuances of my recently revamped porch, especially adorned for the fall season. This year, I was particularly inspired by striking colors that would beautifully juxtapose my brand-new red door. I envisioned a lively, spirited entrance, setting a warm and cheerful ambiance for any guests that might drop by.

One of the constants in my porch decor is the elegant black bench, paired perfectly with the matching lanterns. These staple pieces remain throughout the year, providing a consistent base for my seasonal decorations. Flanking the bench are my beloved boxwood topiaries that, much like the bench and lanterns, are an all-season fixture.

Every new season beckons a refreshing change, and I thoroughly enjoy the process. This involves switching up the floral pots, updating the cushions on the bench, swapping the door mat, and choosing a season-appropriate wreath. For this fall, my heart settled on the radiant yellow mums accompanied by other blossoms. The yellow flowers, in particular, brilliantly complement the red door, creating a dynamic and inviting entryway. 

A Harmonious Blend of Yellow & Red on the Porch

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Red Front Door and a bright and cheery fall porch!
Red Front Door and a bright and cheery fall porch!

When selecting flowers, it’s all about creating a harmonious palette that resonates with the season. This fall, I opted for a delightful combination of mums, the ever-vibrant black-eyed susans, and the rustic touch of cabbage.

One of my absolute favorite additions to the porch is the layered mats. The bold black and white checkered mat, which I stumbled upon during an Amazon shopping spree ([LINK]), provides a contemporary touch.

Red Front Door and a bright and cheery fall porch!

A nostalgic piece that always catches attention is the verdant standing lantern. It's not just any lantern; I purchased it from a quaint boutique in South Carolina during a memorable vacation a few years back.

Red Front Door and a bright and cheery fall porch!

And then there's the pièce de résistance – the intricate wreath that hangs proudly on my door. This Etsy find has been a delightful addition. What I adore the most is the ribbon detailing that seamlessly blends with the mat, making the wreath a versatile decor element suitable from the start of fall right up to the Thanksgiving festivities.

Red Front Door and a bright and cheery fall porch!
Red Front Door and a bright and cheery fall porch!

As October approaches and the spooky spirit of Halloween becomes palpable, I look forward to incorporating more pumpkins and other Halloween-themed elements to my porch decor.

Now, it's your turn! Have you taken the plunge to refresh your porch in the spirit of fall? I'd love to hear all about it!

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