Family Portrait Wardrobe: Final Cut

Family Portrait Wardrobe
Well today is the day!  It's a high of 36, but at least the sun is out!  If you've been following along with me, then you remember my dilemma over what to wear for family portraits.  In my last post about it, I showed you some of the combinations that I thought worked. Here is another quick glance at those:

After much debating, laying it all out on the floor, throwing things aside, I finally came up with what we are going to wear today!  Here is the final cut.
I began with some of the pieces we already had: my gray dress (which you may remember from my Simplified Wardrobe Dress and Bottoms collection), my husband's gray striped shirt, my son's sweater, and my daughter's black dress.  These main pieces gave me an idea of the direction I wished to go.  From there, I purchased my daughters owl shirt, cardigan, and black skirt, along with the leopard vest all at Target.  I thought the leopard vest was too cute to pass up paired with the black dress and Uggs!  It's an outfit I'd wear if it was just a bit bigger! I threw on a wine colored scarf to match my daughter's sweater and hopefully bring it all together!
I am happy with how it turned out. Phew!  Much more important now is if the pictures go smoothly (no eyes shut, crying, or complaining about the cold.) Because, we are supposed to look all natural and like we are having a good time, right?
To life feeling like home!


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