Five Ways to Create a Cosy Rustic Bedroom

The key to creating a rustic-feeling space is to invest in farmhouse furniture, wooden décor and neutral colour palettes to create a homey space. When you think of rustic, wooden ceiling beams, hardwood floors, and preloved furnishings, a warm cosy feeling inevitably comes to mind. How do you take this space and make it extra special? How do you make the fantasy a reality? Luckily, there are ways to enhance that bedroom and turn it into a cosy rustic paradise: the perfect place to relax.

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Mixing New and Old

Getting the optimum rustic feel requires you to have a mixture of old and new pieces. Investing in an antique piece of furniture or antique silver is a great way of adding a rustic vintage vibe to your space. You can combine modern pieces of furniture like new bedframes, modern light fittings, etc. with older pieces like antique mirrors, clocks and antique silver candlesticks.

Reusing old furniture pieces is a key part of rustic style. Perhaps you like a lot of foliage in your bedroom, well consider checking out an antique ornamental vase, or a centrepiece bowl and create your own arrangement of plants/flowers to create a space that feels like home. Mix and match and experiment to create something uniquely you for the ultimate cosy space.

Antique Ornaments

What better way to enhance your home than adding old knick-knacks? Devoting some time into looking at some antique ornamental pieces is a great way of decorating that rustic space. Check out porcelain, earthenware, and silver in particular as these items are perfect for the neutral-oriented rustic aesthetic. 

There are lots of quirky and eclectic pieces out there that can easily be incorporated into your bedroom décor. They are a unique way to add character and you can mix and match eras and styles to create something special. They will fit a rustic space better than most modern ornaments, which can sometimes look a bit too clean-cut for a rustic style.


Adding an antique mirror or photo frame is a great way to add some history and some contrast to the popular colours and textures of a rustic bedroom. Again, reusing old furniture and décor is a cornerstone of the rustic aesthetic and so exploring this tactic to the best of your abilities will serve you well when creating your perfect cosy rustic space. 

Modern styled mirrors and photo frames with industrial aesthetics or sharp cuts and shapes can look a little out of place when attempting the rustic look; antique equivalents, however, have the right kind of character for creating inviting, cosy environments. There are many styles to look at, so you’re sure to find something great. A popular choice with these items is to collect a range of different items in different shapes, styles, sizes, even colours, and place them in a collage formation to create something of a feature.

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Decorative Drinking Vessels

Adding decorative tankards/mugs is a great way to add some character to your rustic bedroom. They look unique and fancy and definitely fit the rustic style. They would make an eye-catching piece, without taking away from the cosiness of the room – consider setting up a shelf with them lined up for something of a quirky decorative moment. 

You can invest in complex patterns and designs or opt for something a little plainer and simpler to contrast that warm wooden décor and layered textiles that’s typical of rustic rooms. Get creative with how you use your drinking vessels to combine hard and soft; a cold metal tankard filled with soft flowers, for example is cute and cosy – real reclaimed castle vibes. Perhaps you could even use them for drinking on special occasions to really immerse yourself in the aesthetic of the space.

Wine, Drinking & Smoking Décor

If tankards aren’t your thing and you’re after something a little more classic – you could opt for wine goblets or cocktail shakers and bar paraphernalia. These are the ideal accessories for a student bedroom in particular – gotta keep those drinkware items close at hand! Having some ornamental drinking accessories on your wooden bedroom drawer set or a window sill, or even a dressing table adds an antique touch to your cosy spaces. 

Antique smoking accessories are a way of adding some history and quirkiness to a rustic space (actual smoking not necessary). Tchotchkes like cigarette cases, tobacco boxes, silver lighters or old-fashioned snuff boxes all create a totally unique aesthetic that modern furnishings can’t really compare with. Pair the hardness of these elements with the softness of some cosy blankets and you’ve got the perfect rustic space.

Rustic interiors can seem difficult to achieve, requiring that unique blend of new and old that’s hard to capture. It doesn’t need to be too complicated, however, and if you know your stuff in terms of textures, colours, and what makes you feel cosy and comfortable, then you’ll be unstoppable.

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