Giving a Thrifted Kitchen Cart an Update

You know I love a good thrift store find and today I'm sharing my latest find and DIY project: a kitchen baking cart!

I've always struggled with organizing my baking ingredients and supplies. Half the time, something I needed when I grabbed a recipe was buried in the back of my pantry and expired or, I couldn't find it at all.  For awhile, I've been eyeballing a rolling cart of some sort that would corral all those supplies in one place.  Guess what?  Thrift stores for the win again!  Just last week, I saw my perfect little cart for $35.  Only thing, it was a bit on the rough side.  Knowing I could update it and structurally it was good, I went for it!

Updating a Thrift Store Kitchen Cart

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It was mostly dirty and after a good clean up inside and out, I decided it needed a coat of paint.  I used chalk paint on the base and kept the top wood.  I like the combo of wood and paint.  To give it a more antique look like it's been used for some time, I used sandpaper to distress the edges.  New knobs from Hobby Lobby finished off this makeover!


The cart provides a lot of storage and holds all my supplies in one place. My Kitchenaid Mixer (LINK) can sit right on top to be easily plugged in when needed. A pull out cutting board is a great built in feature and provides more surface space when I'm rolling out dough for cookies. I grabbed a clear lidded jar I wasn't using and filled it with seasonal cookie cutters (LINK). I love that everything is now within reach when I need it!

Thrift Store Kitchen Cart Makeover


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I love that it is on wheels and can be moved around the kitchen and even out of the way when not in use! Do you have a special spot in your kitchen or cart dedicated just to baking?  I have a feeling it is going to get a lot of use this holiday season!



  1. Ruth says:

    Hi Amy,
    Had to comment on this post because we have a cart just like yours. My husband assembled it many years ago as a microwave stand. Eventually it was moved to the bedroom with a TV on top. Just recently I applied creamy white milk paint. The cutting board is long gone, so I covered the slot with a vintage yardstick from an old business in town. The yardstick is green which blends with the bedroom colors. The stand looks a little less “kitcheny” now.

    • Amy says:

      I love it!! Thanks so much for commenting!! I’m loving my new cart and so glad you have had yours in use for so many years! Wonderful to know how versatile it is!

      • Ruth says:

        Forgot to mention, if you want to cover the holes above the wheels, you can buy small wooden caps at the hardware store.

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