Goals for 2015: February

Ok so it's the beginning of the month and time for me to make my to- do list!  For February, I have come up with 4 goals to pursue.  This month it was again easy to find things which I have been putting off doing.  I will attempt this month to accomplish the following goals:

1. Go through my make up

I have a horrible habit of seeing new colors of makeup at a drug store and impulsively buying them to later just end up in my drawer.

*I want to organize and get rid of old make up

2. Add “green” to my home

*My house experiences the winter blahs this time of year and I want to add some “green” to it through live plants.

3. Organize my purse

*It's a bottomless pit

4. Begin planning for Spring/ Summer Simplified Wardrobe

*My hope is that warmer weather will soon be around the corner, so I need to again evaluate my wardrobe and see what I have and need for the season.

What are some of your goals for this new month?

To life feeling like home!



And here are so pictures from our super fun Russian Festivus Saturday night!

IMG_7323 IMG_7325 IMG_7341 IMG_7331 IMG_7328 IMG_7347 IMG_7322 IMG_7321 IMG_7385 IMG_7384 IMG_7369 IMG_7359

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