Goals for 2015: March

I hope you had a chance to read yesterday's post.  The recipe was for a White Chicken Chili which is super delicious!  I ate the leftovers today and it was just as good.

Today, I am sharing with you my March Goals.  Goal planning keeps me feeling productive and motivated.  Do you plan goals for yourself?  I find I am happier when I can see what I have accomplished at the end of the day.  This month, I am going to force myself to not only organize something, but I am going to try something new!  I am excited about that and may include some more goals like this in the future which will stretch me a bit.

Here goes:

1. Finish last month's goal of planning my Spring/ Summer Simplified Wardrobe.

*This was a much bigger job than I anticipated, but I'm nearing the end.  I will finish it up and share it with you this month!

2. Meal Planning

*When I did my household binder in January, I left a spot for meal planning, but I never did anything with that, so I want to get a system of recording our favorite meals.

3. Attend a Ballet Barre class

*I've really been lacking in the fitness area and I've always wanted to try the Ballet Barre, so if I put it on this list, I'll be more likely to do it.

4. Organize my greeting cards

*I never have any birthday cards on hand when I need them!  I am going to purchase a variety of cards and organize them to store along side my gift bags and wrapping paper.

If you haven't had a chance to be apart of my Jamberry party, it is still open for the next 7 days.  Here is the link to get in on the fun!

Have a wonderful weekend!

To life feeling like home!



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