Goals for 2015: May

This is a super busy month with finishing out the school year, soccer in full force and other fun activities planned, but I do have a few projects that I hope to accomplish this month.  You may remember that I chose a few goals for each month for the year 2015.  This motivates me to complete them, not only to blog about, but also to do some things that I've either been putting off or just never got around too.

Here are the goals for May.

May Goals:

1. Swap for a Change

Swap for a Change is a charity event that I am co hosting on May 14th.  A lot of time recently has been spent preparing and promoting this event.

2. Organizing my tools

I say “my tools” because I am the handy women around this house!  I am sick of digging through various bins, baskets, and cases to find what I need.  I am planning on relocating everything to my new storage area and organizing it there.

3. Update my screened in porch

My screened in porch gets “winterized” each year, but now it's time to breath some fresh life into it and get it ready for summer use!

4. Field trips to close out the year

Emma and I are going to be visiting several local places to round out our school year.  I am looking forward to planning those and sharing them with you.

Time to kick it into high gear!

What are your goals for May?  I'd love to have you share.

To life feeling like home!



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