Goals for July Wrap Up: Virtual Clean Up

This month, my goal was to clean up virtually.  I needed to do this so badly!  Here are the tips and tricks I used to accomplish this goal.  If you decide to do this, I suggest grabbing a glass of wine (or 2!) and giving yourself a few hours.  Time consuming, but well worth it when you are all done!

These were the areas I wanted to concentrate on and what I did to clean them up.


1. Deleted those emails which I no longer needed  

I actually just deleted my whole box and decided to start fresh because I had 2,000 emails and it was just too darn hard and would take too darn long to look at each one.

2. Unsubscribed to each and every email from garbage to sales emails I no longer wished to subscribe too

Some I have no idea why I was getting because I never subscribed to them to begin with.  This process was best done over a course of time whenever one popped into my inbox.

√ Computer

1. Organized and deleted files I no longer needed

I went through my downloads history and took all unused downloads and drug them to the trashcan.  Then I did the same thing with my files.  This step took forever, but wow was it organized so much better!  Then, I moved files to folders instead of having them just hanging around.

2. Deleted my browsing history

I use Google Chrome and you can do this under the Dropdown menu under Chrome.  There is a spot to clear passwords which I did not want to do, so I did not check that box.

Last but not least on the computer,

3. Emptied my computer trash can

√ Social Media

1. Facebook: I didn’t really delete or “unfriend” anyone, but decided to “unfollow” or hide those notifications or friends that I no longer wished to see multiple daily posts from.  Here’s how you can do this if you wish.


And if you are Jennifer reading this, I did this for demonstration purposes only.  I did not delete you 🙂

2. Pinterest: I organized my boards alphabetically and in addition, deleted pins I either no longer wanted or projects I already did etc.  It is much easier to see what I really want to see.


3. Instagram: Not much to do there, since I am fairly new with this medium.

I did decide to unfollow a few, but this was pretty cleaned up.

Through this process, I especially began wondering why I use social media.  Why do you use social media?  Think about it.  It will really help you during your clean up.  Are you using social media for networking, to keep in touch with friends far away, or to connect with those that share similar interests?  If this person or subject does not fall into one of those 3 categories, you may want to delete them.

What a relief it was when I finished all these tasks!


How did you do this month?  Did you get around to doing any cleaning up virtually?  I’d love to hear how it went for you.  Any other tips and tricks to share?  Please, let us know.

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Have a great weekend!

To life feeling like home!


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