Greeting Card Organization

I love my gift wrap organization that I did way back in January.  It has been so handy to have all the supplies I need all in one place.  This month, one of my goals was to tackle my greeting card organization or lack there of!  It's great to have everything you need to wrap a gift, but isn't so great when you finish wrapping the gift and realize you have no card to go on it!

I know that you can often buy prepackaged cards and organizers, but I find those cards to be ultra cheap looking, so I decided to put together my on system.  This was a super doable project and can be customized with the categories of cards you use most often.

I first decided to shop for the cards I would need.  I wanted to find a place to buy a bunch of cards (that looked nice) but weren't super expensive.  I lucked out and found a whole bunch of cards reasonably priced at of all places, the dollar store!


They had a great variety and even cute cards with cut-outs and embellishments!  Prices on the cards ranged from 2 for $1- $2 a piece.  Much better than $4- $5 at most places.


Once I picked out a variety of cards, I sorted them into categories. Using colored card stock to create dividers, I cut each into the correct size and added a label with my label maker.


Here are the category dividers completed.


I used the same size plastic bin that I used to organize my gift ribbons.  I like it because the cards fit perfectly and it has a handle on the top to carry it to my table.


Here they are all filed neatly.


Yeah!  Now my gift wrap area is complete.


To life feeling like home!


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  2. shelley says:

    I like this way to organize the cards even though I do mine a little differently. Thanks for sharing at Over the Moon. We look forwar to seeing what you have to share in the new year.

  3. brett says:

    Love! I’ve used a card organizer for years and I swear it will save your sanity! Thanks for sharing this project at the Pretty Preppy Party this month! xx, b @

  4. Week 48 says:

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  6. What a great idea! I love how neat and organized your cards are and that you can just stash them away until you need them. Thanks for sharing this tutorial. 🙂

  7. Cally says:

    That looks amazing! A compact little box of joy to spread.
    Great job!!!

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