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Hi friends!  Just a quick stop by today to show you some of the happenings around my life from home.

It's been a busy few weeks with home projects and its about to get busier as I just put the first brush stroke on my kitchen cabinets yesterday!  Yikes, I'm scared to death but I'm going to give it a whirl and see what we get.  If you've done this project before, I'd love any suggestions you have for me.  I do know already that it's going to take a lot of patience and wine to get through it!


Another project we recently completed was our stair railings.  We had the spindles removed and replaced with wrought iron.  We had our contractor do this, but after watching him, I decided it's definitely doable for a DIY'er.  What a difference it made and not nearly as expensive as replacing the whole thing!

Here's the BEFORE:

And the AFTER:IMG_0294

Lastly, let's talk concrete.  Fun, right?  Not so much.  However, we desperately needed a new driveway and wanted to add a place for playing basketball.   Yikes, concrete,  I never knew how much you cost?  Way more than I want to pay for you, but really is there any choice?  So…. this is what happened this week.

IMG_0452 IMG_0457 IMG_0468 IMG_0470Holy Concrete!  As you can see, some is still drying so I'll come on back with pictures when it's all complete and the landscaping around the pad is done.  I didn't exactly LOVE putting the money down for this project, but I am glad we did it.  Next week, they will come to install a basketball hoop. I told my daughter that she is now required to get a basketball scholarship to college since we spent so much money on her “basketball court.”

And guess what??  Tomorrow I am posting.  I know, Saturday… so unexpected.  Well I am excited to be a part of the Harvest Tour of Homes with some other great blogs.  You'll be able to start with my post and hop around to other blogs for great fall decor, crafts, and recipe ideas.  Don't miss out.  It's going to be a lot of fun!  Will you join me?

harvest tour of homes button_zpss6vtogqk

I hope you have a great weekend! (And I'll see you tomorrow!)

To life feeling like home!



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