How To Look After Your Skin’s Health With A Skincare Routine

Your skin’s health is important and it’s something you should be staying on top of when it comes to your everyday routine. As the body’s largest organ, it’s constantly exposed to the elements. The signs of aging can vary for all of us but the more you look after your skin, the younger you’ll look for years to come.

Of course, no one has mastered the ability to stop time completely or reverse the signs of aging. However, there are some great tips that will help ensure you look after your skin’s health properly this year. Here’s how to incorporate a great skincare routine to transform your skin.

Start off with an SPF

In order to help look after your skin’s health, an SPF is key. While it may be surprising to some, an SPF is something you need to be applying every time the sun shows its face – even when it’s behind the clouds. The reason for this is that UV rays can still penetrate through the clouds and through any clothing too.

That’s why it’s important that you’re applying a daily SPF to your body and face, especially on parts of the body that are exposed. As part of your skincare routine, the SPF comes first. Once you’ve washed your face or cleansed it, your desired SPF should be the first lotion that goes onto the face and body.

Find a hydrating daily moisturizer

Next up – moisturizers. Moisturizers are essential for the skin because they help hydrate. Depending on the ingredients found in your moisturizer, some are useful for locking in your skin’s natural moisture. 

It’s worth trialling your daily moisturizer until you find something that suits your skin. Every’s skin is different, some have dry skin while others have oily skin. Despite your skin’s condition, everyone should own a daily moisturizer. Make sure this is something you apply to both your body and face.

You may want a more targeted one for your face but one that’s good for your body is likely to be just as effective for your face too.

Exfoliate your skin every week to remove dead skin

Exfoliation is important for the skin because of the dead skin that sits on the surface. Yes, right now, you’ve got dead skin on your face and body. While your body will naturally get rid of this dead skin eventually, it can be sped up with exfoliation. 

Exfoliating makes a big difference to your skin’s appearance and how easily skincare products or makeup go down on your face in particular. With this in mind, make sure you exfoliate your skin every week where possible. A face scrub is the most effective way of gently rubbing off dead skin.

If you have sensitive skin, you may want to opt for a more gentle exfoliant, rather than using ones that have sea salt flake in them, as an example. It’s worth doing a little patch test first to see what is best for your skin and successfully exfoliate it without causing any irritation. 

Use a Gua Sha for firming up your face

If you’re wanting to help firm up your skin and keep it looking younger for longer, many are using a Gua Sha. Gua Sha is a tool that’s helpful in firming up your face with the use of repetitive motions. 

It’s a traditional Chinese healing method that has made its way into the Western beauty industry and many are using it now to help tighten the skin with prolonged use. It’s good for helping reduce wrinkle lines as well as de-puffing the skin’s appearance. 

There are a number of different gua sha tools that are worth using so if you’ve not used one before, then it’s definitely worth trying out for your skin.

Invest in serums for deep penetration into the skin

As part of your skincare routine, a great option for those who want to penetrate the skin below just the surface level is serums. 

If you’ve not used retinoids before, then these are extremely beneficial for those who want to prevent the signs of aging, and as far as over-the-counter options, retinoids, and peptides are the only things strong enough to pick up without getting a prescription.

There are lots of great serums online that are worth taking full advantage of, so if you’re able to add a serum or two to your routine then do so. Again, like daily moisturizers, it’s worth trying them out and seeing which ones perform the best for your skin in particular. Every serum is different.

Trial out different night creams for overnight rejuvenation 

Night creams are a worthwhile investment for those who aren’t that fussed about their skincare routine. If you don’t want to stand in front of the bathroom mirror with an assortment of lotions and potions, an overnight night cream is a great alternative.

As well as something that can be used with all of the other skincare products mentioned, overnight creams are great because they work their magic while you’re asleep. If you’re a fan of this idea, then it’s definitely worth trialling out some night creams for that overnight rejuvenation.

Sure it might take some tests to find which one works best, but they all have their benefits that are good to explore.

Shave carefully with plenty of lubricating products

Shaving is something that you always want to be careful of when it comes to your skin. It’s easy to nip the skin if you’ve not applied the right products or you use too much pressure.

Lubrication is key when it comes to shaving as you want the razor or razors to glide along the skin effortlessly. There should be no tugging or excessive dragging needed to remove the hairs. If that’s the case, then you need to switch up your products.
Looking after your skin’s health is important, especially as you get older. With that being said, if you’re able to, make sure you’re finding new ways to elevate your skincare routine this year.

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