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So I had a very sad little nail hanging above my computer desk for a while.  I had taken another picture down to use elsewhere in the house, but could not find exactly what I wanted to replace it.  I had been hearing a lot lately about inspiration boards.

Here is one definition of an inspiration board, “An inspiration board (sometimes referred to as a mood board or an idea board) is a collage of images meant to kick-start your imagination or please your muse.  An inspiration board can be made up of practically anything: doodles, magazine clippings, fabrics, photos, text (including quotes, strange and interesting word pairings, poems, passages, etc.), and color swatches. For designers, this can be an invaluable tool.”

Well, I'm not a designer, (though I sometimes wish I were), but I do think an inspiration board sounds fun; a way to show what I'm working on, creating, teaching etc.  Also a visual reminder daily of what is important to me like my faith and family.

SO I decided to make a very simple one to hang on that lonely nail.

First I purchased the board and fabric from JoAnn fabrics.

Fabric I liked

Other supplies I used were a staple gun and spray fabric adhesive.  Even though the fabric would be pulled taunt when stapled, I wanted to make sure it laid perfectly flat and did not have any bubbles in it.


This was very simple.  I sprayed the board and laid it flat on the fabric; smoothing all wrinkles out.  Next I began with the corners stapling the fabric to the back of the board all the way around; trimming off the excess.

Staple around the edges

I added a crochet flower to the corner and bingo we're down.

Inspiration boardFinsihed Inspiration board

Do you have an inspiration board? I'd love for you to share what inspires you each day.

To life feeling like home!


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