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Hi friends!  When I've needed a painting break, I've been trying to wrap up all the details to finish off my kitchen space.  I was excited about choosing new hardware for the cabinets.  I definitely wanted something different from what we had.  Wow, the choices are endless.  I never imagined that this decision would be so difficult.  I could have made myself crazy choosing because there were so many cute options.

IMG_0859IMG_0862One thing I knew foreshore was that I wanted to go with a black or an oiled bronze to tie in with my black floor.  Ultimately, I choose these pulls {below}.  I liked the substantialness of them and the look was what I was going for.


I really wanted to use this style on the drawers, aren't these great?

Drawer pulls

However, the spacing on the holes to install these were different from what existed on my drawers and I wasn't up for another project of drilling holes!

One thing I did do to save money was reuse my hinges.  Unfortunately, the hinges aren't hidden on my existing cabinets, so they had to be reinstalled.  However, they were ugly brass.  To replace them all would have been around $70.  Not much, but I decided to up cycle them and instead spray painted them all black for $2 and a little of my time.

Super simple and turned out great.IMG_0483IMG_0481

I did find a couple of cute pulls that I just couldn't resist.  These may end up incorporated somewhere.  I haven't decided how to work them in yet.  But a pig, rooster and cow. Really?  Unbelievably adorable.


In other home projects news, our concrete is finished and we've been enjoying our new basketball hoop.  Grant is asking me to play with him now and it is 7:15 in the morning. Oh boy!


Enjoy your weekend!

To life feeling like home!



  1. Amy says:

    Thanks Heather! Love Hobby Lobby!

  2. Heather says:

    Wow! It’s looking so good! I went shopping for drawer pulls today, too. I’m needing them for a dresser redo I just finished (well, minus the knobs…. LOL). I was amazed at how expensive those darn things are. I definitely liked the selection at Hobby Lobby more than Lowes (because I was looking for a specialty type). I didn’t see the cute rooster, cow and pig, though! Those are precious! 🙂

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