Kon Mari Organizing Project #1: Paperwork

I am so excited to be back with a Kon Mari monthly organizing post.  I can't wait to share with you what I've been working on this month.  I decided to tackle two things to begin my organizing challenge: paperwork and drawers.

Organizing the Kon Mari Way Paperwork by www.whitecottagehomeandliving.com

Let's start with paperwork! If you are like me, then you may believe as I did, that there were certain files, instruction manuals, and bills that were necessary to keep.  With our online world that we now live in, most things are easily accessed including instructions and bill statements in a matter of minutes if need be.  In my reading, I began to realize that my 4 drawers of files were absolutely unnecessary and instead causing clutter and consuming time and space.  So, my first monthly project was to deal with my files and paperwork.


Here is how I approached this.  First, I began by taking all the files out and sorting them; shredding what I know longer needed and throwing away non-financial documents.  I kept only what I wanted a hard copy of.  I found that in doing this, I actually had a ton of manuals which were for items I no longer even owned!  This process was extremely freeing!


After sorting, I organized the files I wanted to keep with new (pretty! why not!) file folders and used my label maker to label each one.

I purchased these beauties through Amazon.


Wow!  What a difference it made!  I went from 4 drawers of files to just one.  Everything is easily found now and I freed up several drawers in my office for more usable items.


Want some tips to tackle this project yourself?

1. Start simple: Figure out a system that is easy to navigate and organize your files accordingly.

2. Use different colored folders for each category and label them using a label maker.

3.Group similar categories together: Home, Cars,  Taxes, and Other.

4. Keep files electronically if possible.

5. Put the files used most often in the front of your drawer for easy access.

Want to get in on the organizing project this year?  Start with the purchase of Marie Kondo's book.

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Ok, so today is a doubleheader!  Click HERE to view my 2nd Kon Mari organizing project MY DRAWERS this month!

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To life feeling like home!


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  2. CoCo says:

    Amy, these are such great tips! I need to organize my office and one of the reasons I’ve been putting it off is because there is so much paper. Thanks so much for passing these ideas along – I seriously need them. Have an awesome day, CoCo

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