Last Stitch Fix Box of 2015

I just needed 1 more fix! 🙂  I sound like an addict, but I do truly love when that fun Stitch Fix box arrives.  This time, I did not ask my stylist, Jessica, for anything specific.  I wanted to see what she would come up with on her own!

That is the best part of having the same stylist for several months in a row.  She really gets to know your preferences and will tailor your box accordingly.  If you find one you like, all you have to do is request her again for the following month by adding her name to your stylist notes.

How do you get your best fix?

There are several ways to increase the likelihood that your stylist picks the right items for you.

  • Make sure your personal style profile is up to date with all your preferences, sizes etc.
  • Make sure you leave detailed feedback on what you liked and didn't like about each item you receive in your fix.  This can be done at checkout.  The more you share, the more they understand your preferences.
  • Make a Stitch Fix Pinterest Board.  You can pin items you like and then leave notes below about what you like about it.
  • When you schedule the next fix, be sure to leave detailed notes about the pieces you are looking to receive.  What item is your wardrobe missing?  Do you have a big event or special occasion coming up that requires specific attire? Are you going on a trip?  These are all requests that you can make notes about.

Ready to see what I got?  

1.Skies are Blue: Melle Fringe Detail Pullover Poncho- Size Small $68

Stitch Fix by

I was so torn about this item.  I really liked everything about it.  I just wasn't sure I would wear it enough for the price.  I also thought the pattern would have been better in different colors.

Sent Back

2. Brixon Ivy: Pirie Cutout Tuxedo Vest- Size Small $64

Stitch Fix by Stitch Fix by

At first glance out of the box, I really was intrigued with this item.  After I put it on, I think I would have liked it, but the cutouts on the side did not seem to lay correctly for me.  Without them, I would have liked the vest much better.  Bummer.

Sent Back

3. Octavia: Raymond Plaid & Polka Dot Scarf $38

Stitch Fix by www.whitecottagehomeandliving.comStitch Fix by

I am in love this season with thick scarves and plaid and polka dots together?  I swoon.


4. Loveappella: Beasley Cold Shoulder Knit Top- Size M $58


I loved the sweatshirt material of this shirt, but I personally don't like the cut-out shoulder look.  It's just not my style, so I did not keep this item.

Sent Back

5. DRD: Ashton Bootcut Jean- Size 8 $88

Stitch Fix by Stitch Fix by www.mylifefromhome

I was excited about this particular pair of jeans because they were a 35-inch inseam!  I also do not have any bootcut jeans right now.  I have been wearing skinnies for so long and I think these will be a nice change.


Even though I did not keep everything, I was really excited about the items she sent me.  They were different than anything else I have gotten for awhile.  I am hoping that she will continue to push me out of my comfort zone a bit and eventually something will stick!

If you are interested in Stitch Fix, you can learn more about the service and sign up with my referral link.  I'd be extremely grateful!

To life feeling like home!


  1. Rachel says:

    you look good! stitch is fun! nice ideas!

  2. I’m definitely starting Stitch Fix after my son is born. I don’t need any more maternity clothes, but I love the idea of Stitch Fix! I love the scarf you kept, as well!

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