Organizing a Nail Care Kit

If you've been following along, I promise to get you back to the “Great Purge,” but I'm having a hard time getting from Day 1 to Day 2.  I am slowly coming up with a plan to put into action.  In the meantime, another quick project I did was organizing a nail care kit. I recently purchased through my Jamberry party a lot of nail wraps and the equipment to go with it.  Coupling that with my existing polishes and I had another organizational project waiting.

Here is what I was working with.  A way too small container for all my things.

IMG_8670_2 IMG_8671

I like to be able to carry my equipment and park myself in front of the tv while I'm doing my nails, so something with a handle was a must.  As you can see from above, though, I had outgrown this one.

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I decided to check out my Container Store.

I was excited when I came across these translucent totes with handles.


I also found these Like- it bricks to help corral the items inside.


Here is how it all came together.







IMG_8710 IMG_8711_2

I am digging my new silhouette and designed a vinyl sticker to put on the top of the kit.


Don't you agree?


I love it!  Everything fit perfectly and I have lots of extra space to add more if needed.

To life feeling like home!



  1. Sweet says:

    This is so organized. Well done with that .

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