My Life From Home

 friends!  I wanted to show you a snapshot of the inspiration behind the blog today.  My kiddos!  They definitely keep me on my toes and are the reason I push myself to try new things and put myself out there in the way that I do.  It's funny, but the older I get I realize I not only teach my kids, but they teach me.  Do you find that in your life as well?  They are blessed to be given the opportunity to try all kinds of activities like horse back riding, zip lining, and even roller coasters I would never have tried.  I watch them with such pride that they are willing to try even if they might fail.  They join teams, they change schools, and they make new friends all the time.

I think that I can learn something from my kids.  I can try new things.  I can put myself out there even if I might fail.  I can make new friends.

And this is why I do this blog.  It's a culmination of all the dreams I always had but never tried.  My chance to try that new class, decorate that new space, teach that new idea and even as simple as trying that new outfit.

My kids have helped me learn that it's ok to take risks even if you're scared because the biggest reward is in trying!

This is my life from home!





To life feeling like home!



  1. Lynne says:

    Love you all!!!

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