My Top 5 Decor Books to Inspire & How to Style With Books

Winter can feel very uninspiring.  If you find yourself in a decorating rut or wanting inspiration for your home, then you'll love today's post of my top 5 decor books!  

Even a passionate decorator sometimes feels uninspired and when that happens, it's great to have a couple of tried and true decorating books available for inspiration.  Pinterest is great, but more than not, you'll find me poring over a coffee table decorating book when I'm feeling like I need inspiration.

Not only are the following books beautiful to look at and reference, but are perfect styling pieces in your home.

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My Top 5 Decor Books

  1. French Cottage by the publishers of the Cottage Journal (link). I love this book for the beautiful illustrations and the laid back European cottage style. Lots of distressed furniture, heirloom antiques, white with pops of color, and cozy textures and layers.  
  2. A Place to Call Home by James Farmer (LINK). James shows you 11 different homes which are quintessential southern in style.  Amazing layers of patterns and traditional rooms filled with architecture and charming accents.
  3. Nora Murphy's Country House Style: Making Your Home a Country House (LINK). This book has it all!  She explains elements of the country style, how to incorporate those into your own space and then photographs of how she uses those elements in her own home. Each and every space is warm and cozy with beautiful collected furniture and vignettes to drool over.
  4.  A Passion for Blue & White by Carolyne Roehm (LINK). Do you love all things blue and white?  If you do, then this book is a must read.  See how she incorporated blue and white into tablescapes, gardening, and home.  Mixed with other colors, it is a fresh and classic combination.  Beautiful photographs and timeless decor inspiration.
  5. One Man's Folly: The Exceptional Houses of Furlow Gatewood by Paul Costello (LINK).  This book is a treasure and beautiful for the coffee table. In this book, you explore the private enclave of Furlow Gatewood, one of America's most brilliant designers. One of a kind spaces designed over decades.  Timeless, classic interiors, antiques and impeccable grounds and gardens.


I love a good Kindle read, but I also have tons of “real life” books! Let me show you below six ways I used them to decorate with in my home.

How to Style With Books

1. Wall of books~ here's my “library” where I'm constantly adding books.  I love this space and could spend hours pulling books I haven't read or looked at in awhile.

2. Stack on a Coffee table/ ottoman~ I layered books on a coffee table to create interest and pull a pop of color into my space.

Before & After Library/ Living Room; White Cottage Home & Living

3. Raise up a lamp~ here I used books to raise the height of a lamp on my sofa table.

4. Prop up a plant~ a plant needed a boost and a stack of books on my mantel was the perfect fit.

Top 5 Decor Books & Styling Books in Your Home~ White Cottage Home &. Living

5. Layer on the Mantel~ I added books to my mantel to prop up this collectible camera.

spring mantel-bottles- insulators- vintage cameras- mantel decor- decorating a mantel for spring- mantles- keepsakes- how to use keepsakes in decor

6. Stack on a table~ I added books to this table and topped it with a cloche to create a pretty vignette.

spring- decor- vignette- pedestal table- milk glass- faux greenery- decorating for spring- how to decorate a corner- white decor


There are many ways to use books in your space.  Surrounding yourself with books creates a warm, cozy, and inviting space.  One that is inspiring and welcoming!  Are you a book lover?  If so, how do you use them in your home and decor?



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