Peaceful Summer Palette In Our Family Room

This summer style in our family room is all about the light and bright peaceful palette.  

We are getting ready to go on vacation in the next few days.  I have been prepping for that and also wrapping up the school year with the kids.  It's been a crazy hectic few weeks.  In between juggling end of the year activities, I've made a few changes in the family room to update it for the summer season.  It will be nice to come home to a summer ready room when we get back!  

To update the space, I replaced the mantel decor and moved a few pieces of furniture around.  In addition, I changed and added to our gallery wall. You can see our Light & Airy Spring family room space (LINK) to see where I started this seasonal update.  

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Peaceful Palette in our Summer Family Room

Since our fireplace will not be used this season, I decided instead of showcasing it to let it slip more into the background.  By bringing two of our accent chairs forward to the rug the focus becomes more on the seating area.  I like the way the small curvy table fits snuggly in between.  

Another change was the mantel decor.  Down came the spring bunnies and instead, a simple palette of two plants, glass jars, a curvy mirror, and simple silver candlesticks complete the symmetrical design. 


My thrift store pink painted dresser (LINK)  stayed right where it was before and is the perfect place to display my antique bottle collection (LINK). 

In the corner, my spring corner vignette (LINK) got an update with a piece of whimsical flower artwork. 

The gallery wall in our family room (LINK) was expanded to include additional favorite pieces including two silver trays from my silver collection.(LINK). 

I love the small updates I made just by changing out accessories and rearranging the furniture.  Remember, you don't always have tot spend money to make an impact!

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  1. Madison Lane says:

    I love the aesthetic! It looks so calm and neat. Makes you never want to go outside anymore and just go on Netflix all-day. This is one of the best I’ve seen. Kudos to you!

  2. Naomi Shelton says:

    So pretty, Amy. I love your gallery wall behind the couch. And the fireplace. It looks like such a relaxing room to be in. The neutrals lend to that feeling, I think. I am definitely a fan of neutrals and lots of light in rooms with a few spots of soft color. You’ve done a good job with your decor!

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