Personal Style Workbook: e-Book Launch

Eeek!  I am super excited to introduce you to my first e-Book!  I've been working on this for several months and today is the day I get to  share it with you!

I have always been called upon by friends and family to help them shop for clothes or go through their closet and help them sort and organize.  I also have received many a text photo asking if an outfit looked okay.  Until recently, I never really thought much about that.  Though I don't claim to be a fashion expert, I have always enjoyed these moments of being helpful to others.  Putting together an outfit for me was easy!  It  finally occurred to me it isn't always easy for others.  With that realization, I decided to write down in this workbook, all that I could think of to help those who struggle with clothing find their style. For me, the reason it was easy  boiled down to the fact that I just knew what I liked, what suited my current lifestyle and what looked good on me.  I used these three keywords: Like, Lifestyle & Look to come up with a framework that was very doable for anyone to follow!

How do you get it?

Pre-orders have begun and I'm offering my readers a discount prior to the April 15th launch date.  All you have to do is click on the Buy My Product link below to pre-order it.  On April 15th, you will be charged and your book will arrive in your inbox.  Super simple!

My hope for you is that by reading and working through the workbook, you will realize that personal style is a reflection of who you are on the inside!

Style can be fun and achievable for anyone!

Need Help?

Introducing the ultimate guide to finding your personal style!


by Amy Dowling

My Life From Home Blog


Do you ever find yourself looking in your closet and not liking anything you own?

Are you wanting a guide to help you establish a personal wardrobe style that expresses who you are?

Do you run after each new trend, but then find it doesn't work for you?

Do you just need a refresh?

All these questions can be answered by following the simple steps in this interactive 21-page workbook.

The Personal Style Workbook guides you through a series of questions and exercises taking into consideration your current lifestyle to find what you like and what looks good on you.

Never wonder what to wear again!  Never feel overwhelmed when you go shopping.  As you hone in on your personal style, it will be easier than ever getting dressed.  Feel confident and stylish as you step out the door each day!

As you read, the workbook guides you in developing a framework for deciding if a piece works in your wardrobe.  Each and every piece of clothing is evaluated and reevaluated against the 3 criteria established making it a cinch to continue utilizing long after you've completed the worksheets.

  • Wardrobe Essentials Checklist
  • Tips for Organizing Your Closet
  • Accessorizing Your Wardrobe Hints


Table of Contents for e-Book Personal Style Workbook by Amy Dowling

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My Life From Home blog author, Amy Dowling, has taken a simple approach to finding your personal style.  She has spent many years honing in on her style and has coined hers, Everyday Casual.  Now she does not think twice about what to put on every day.  Her clothing expresses who she is as a person through statement jewelry, denim, and casual tops.  Paired with flats or heels, she can feel good about what she chooses to buy and knows that it will be easily integrated into her current wardrobe.

What is your personal style?

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