Converse Sneakers: My Everyday Shoe

This weekend, I went to the home school convention.  I almost have one year of homeschooling under my belt!  It has flown by!  I can now see that some things we did were great and other things we could tweak or improve for next year.  The Midwest Convention gives you the opportunity to browse over 300 vendors in a large exhibit hall, looking at potential curriculum and speaking to vendors.  Last year I went, but it was completely overwhelming since I knew nothing.  This year, I feel better prepared and knew what I was looking for.

This outfit was chosen knowing that I would be on my feet, walking up and down aisles for about 3 hours.  Sneakers were a must.  Also, I choose a cardigan to layer, which could be put on or off if I got cold. 

And coffee to give me energy to get through it all!
IMG_8608_2 IMG_8613 IMG_8615 IMG_8618 IMG_8620

It was really windy that day, but what do you think of my straight hair?  I don't wear it like that very often, but once in a while it's nice for a change.

I love my new converse and have worn them a lot already.  They are perfect with jeans and super comfy, but with some style.  Also, the cardigan is from Old Navy and I was able to grab it in a tall size so the arm length is great.

The convention proved to be successful for me.  I was able to nail down a writing curriculum and walked away with ideas for science and a bonus, an etiquette curriculum.  More on that later!

To life feeling like home!


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