Strawberry Picking

I have always wanted to go strawberry picking, but have never been able too in the past due to work and other inconveniences like that! Darn that work, it always seemed to get in the way!  Well, now is the season and now that I'm home, no more excuses, so I loaded up the kids this AM and headed to Blooms and Berries Farms in Loveland, OH.  We were not prepared for the mud (first advice; wear rain boots), but other than a few muddy shoes, it was one of the best experiences I've had with my kiddos in a long time.  They just loved it and so did I 🙂

IMG_0215Blooms and Berries opens at 9AM for picking and will close the fields when they're picked out for the day.  My 2nd piece of advice is to arrive early and get situated because it is a rush into the fields to start picking and those stragglers coming in when we left may have been out of luck.

Another helpful hint, you may bring your own containers to pick with or they will give you berry baskets for a small fee.

Also, make sure to check the website nightly to see if they are going to have picking hours the following day, so you aren't out of luck when you get there.  You can access their website HERE.


I love these cute little signs that they have on the way out to the fields, they not only show you the way, but provide some good information as well!IMG_0226


IMG_0222 IMG_0221IMG_0242

IMG_0231 IMG_0235Now to only decide what to do with our berry harvest?

That's the fun part!

Any suggestions?

To life feeling like home!



  1. eliz frank says:

    When my kids were younger, we used to go apple picking and I miss doing that. We never picked strawberries. This does look like a lot of fun.

  2. We have a few strawberry patches around our area. I would like to go before school starts.

  3. Claudette says:

    Seems like a fun time was had by all! 🙂 Enjoy these days, they will make great memories later. Namaste

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