Thinking Outside the Box: Using Furniture In Unique Ways

I'm on a mission to convince you to use furniture in out of the box ways!

You might call me a furniture hoarder!  I definitely have a hard time getting rid of pieces mostly because I love coming up with new uses for pieces.  Not necessarily hacking them up to make something new, though that is cool, I often just think a little outside of the box in regards to storage uses for different items.  I really believe in an eclectic look that is accumulated over time.  For me, that is what is most comfortable and beautiful.  NO matchy- match furniture sets, but instead I love moving things around and using them in different rooms.

I recently used a piece of furniture I had to solve a problem I was having. I bought a new antique piece for my dining room so the China cabinet that was there had to go. Where did it go? My bedroom. Yep, it’s the perfect storage solution for my bed linens which are just too pretty to hide anyway!

I'm blessed to have the most beautiful (I think!) piece of handmade furniture which I inherited from my grandparent's who believe it was handmade by one of their grandparents (think old) chest of drawers.  I have always had it as my show piece in our foyer.  In this house, there was not the space in the foyer, so instead, I am using it in the family room to house seasonal pillow covers and throw blankets. I absolutely love it and with 4 drawers, it gives me plenty of storage space in the room.

Secondhand Pieces I purchased in 2020

The third piece I am sharing with you today is a dresser which use to be in the bedroom. Basically it was a furniture swap because the dresser is now in the dining room being used as a buffet. The drawers are extremely functional for all that organization space you need for entertaining items such as trays, extra china pieces, and linens.

Basically, I am hoping that today will inspire you to think of your furniture in a slightly different way.  Think outside the box and use pieces in unique ways to increase your storage and organization!


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