Thrift Store Makeover: Painted Wood Drawer Cabinet

I love a good thrift store find not only because there is often a treasure waiting to be discovered, but it is a treasure trove of DIY projects waiting to happen.

Today I am sharing a quick DIY makeover I did this weekend.  I purchased a wood little 2-drawer cabinet at my local Goodwill for $3.  I saw the potential it had for additional storage in my kitchen, it just wasn't the right look.  My tip of the day is, “Don't overlook something just because of the color!”  That can easily be changed with paint and new hardware.  I think you will be surprised at how cute this little cabinet is once it received a makeover!

DIY Painted Wood Drawer Cabinet

My first step was to quickly cover the whole piece with white spray paint.  My goal was to cover up the redish color and spray paint was the easiest vehicle to do that because I could get down in all the drawers. 

After one coat of spray paint, I followed up with a color wash.  You can create a color wash by mixing paint with water.  My goal of doing this is to add a thin coat of paint and to let some of the white paint show through.  I was really wanting the piece to look old as if it was painted and repainted over time. For this step, I used a green paint I had on hand.

My last step was to add some dark wax over the piece concentrating particularly on the edges.  This gives the pieces dimension.

Instead of using the wood knobs which came with it, I grabbed two gold knobs I already had.  To make them look more antiqued, I also added dark wax to them as well.  This toned down the shiny brass.

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I love how this turned out.  My $3 investment using paint and knobs I already had was totally worth it!

I was able to get a unique functional little piece that I can use anywhere in my home!  

Painted Two Drawer Wood Cabinet

Next time you are at a thrift store, be sure to look for a wood piece to redo.  It's a fun and easy project!  If you want to see a video of step by step instructions for this project, visit the Highlights section of my Instagram Page (LINK).




  1. Justin says:

    This is awesome! I’ve been looking in antique stores and Goodwills for a small nightstand – i absolutely love the farmhouse look for my bedroom, so I’m wanting to make something like that for my room! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  2. loved the small cabinet great job thanks fir the how too

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