Updating Your Home in Style with Schlage Door Locks

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{This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Schlage®.  Thank you for supporting those brands that make My Life From Home possible.  All opinions are mine.  See full disclosure here.}


I love my home. We have been in our home for 11 years and I have not regretted one moment. It's where we brought our children home from the hospital, we've spent time with loved ones that have now passed, and where joy and laughter can be heard almost daily. With all of this said, it has not always been my dream home. Our house was built in the early 1980's and I'm not sure what was going on in the interior design world then, but it was a really bad look. Whereas most design ideas tend to go in and out of style and even make resurgence, I am really hoping that the color mauve and carpet in the bathroom never do!
We have spent the last eleven years working on our home. No joke, it's been a long process and at this point, so much has changed that it's hardly recognizable. Though I enjoy decorating and remodeling projects, I have found that sometimes it's the little changes that make the largest difference.
Every door in our home had brass doorknobs and fixtures. Even though like I said, some things come back in style such as brass, this brass is still on hiatus. We have slowly been changing out lighting and it was now time to change out the door hardware.


With the addition of the Plymouth Knob Bed & Bath Lock in Matte Black our doors have a much more stylish look. It is more on par with the style and design of our house, which is a farmhouse and country chic style. We have incorporated black throughout the decor and have black matte hardwood floors, so the addition of these knobs instead of the gold ones made it a budget friendly update that really made a huge difference. Now instead of the mix matched metals throughout our home, we have a much more cohesive look and stylish look. I love the available finish options from Schlage, which combine style without sacrificing quality or safety. Most recently Schlage launched a  “Open Possibilities,” to bring door hardware to the forefront as an accessory that can complete or enhance the look of any room because it’s often overlooked and just look at my results!

It really is the little details and accessories that will make your home feel complete.
Schlage® offers new possibilities with door hardware, deadbolts, and electronic locks that showcase any style. Schlage products are available online at Amazon.com and Build.com, as well as in retail locations including Home Depot and Lowe’s. For more information, please visit http://www.schlage.com
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Schlage®.

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  1. Tom Vincent says:

    Schlage door lock is the smart door lock system and its best for the home security. Thanks for your smart door locks idea. Please keep sharing!

  2. Dean Byles says:

    This is really a good article. I enjoyed your writing.

  3. Brian says:

    These are some slick looking locks and knobs! The most important feature though is that it keeps intruders from getting in!

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