Updating My Kitchen Island with a Curtain

I updated my kitchen island with a curtain to add fun pattern and texture to my kitchen!

It's been awhile since I've done any updates to my kitchen.  I am still enjoying all the elements of the renovation we did 4 years ago.  You can revisit the kitchen reveal (LINK) here, and (LINK) here.

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When I designed the kitchen, I had my contractor build the island with open shelving on one side to house our large serving platters, bowls, etc. The open side makes it easy to grab what you need and quickly get a meal served. I love this feature, but decided that I wanted a slight change. To help conceal it better so items are less dusty I decided a curtain would work. I also love a curtain on a piece of furniture for the texture and pattern it adds to the room. It's a popular design choice in cottage design.

To start this project, I bought a sash rod from Walmart (LINK). I needed one that was longer so a 84 inch worked for this space. A sash curtain rod is often used on a door because it is a closer fit, doesn't hang out as much. This worked well because the top of the island has about an inch overhang.  The rod fit there beautifully. Next, I was lucky enough to find a set of curtains in a beautiful ticking strip fabric that were just the right length! Here are the curtains I bought from Amazon (LINK).  They are washable so if spills occur, I can throw them in the washer. I originally thought I was going to have to make curtains of my own due to the size. If you have too, making your own is a quick and easy sewing project for a beginner, so don't be afraid. 

Now, I can easily conceal my items underneath the island or pull the curtains back to highlight my dishes. It's an easy solution and did not cost a whole lot!


Updating My Kitchen Island with a Curtain


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