Using a Desk as a Nightstand

Using a desk as a nightstand gives you a multifunctional piece that pulls double duty in any bedroom space.

As most of you know, I am constantly moving furniture from one room to another over here!  I recently moved a desk from our family room into our bedroom and I'm using it as a nightstand.  When. quarantine hit, my husband was forced to work from home for the first time ever.  Without a designated office, we had to get creative and set up a card table in our bedroom.  Our bedroom is in the back of our U shaped ranch house so it is quiet and can be closed off from the rest of the space.  He is now back to work, but it got me thinking that we need another better solution for him if this were to happen again.  I have a secretary desk for doing bills, but typically do my blogging computer work from the dining room.  This open space just isn't conducive to Greg's working needs.

We had this desk that has actually shuffled around through the house many times and instead of it sitting unused I decided to repurpose it as a nightstand/ desk in our bedroom. That way if he needs to work from home again, there is more of a designated space.  In addition, it offers good bedside storage and even space for me to put on makeup in the morning.

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I styled it simply with a tray with my diffuser, my favorite Pilea Houseplant (Link).and a small blue and white jar from a recent thrift store haul (LINK).  Also, a picture and a vase elevated on some books on one end.  The chair tucks neatly in to the desk and does not stand in the way of access to my side of the bed.  

Overall, I think it's a great solution for a need we have in this house. It would also be a great space saving solution for a kids bedroom as well! I've learned that sometimes you just have to get creative to solve a problem!

I love shopping thrift stores and antique stores for unique pieces of furniture, but there are also many new pieces that are perfect solutions.  Below, I've compiled a list of great options to shop.



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