Using Mod Podge to Makeover a $3 Acrylic Box

This blog is bringing out a creative side in me that had been dormant for quite a while.  I feel like I am now playing catch up to the crafting world and using products for the first time that have been around for a while.

Have you ever heard of Mod Podge?  I had heard of it but never used it until now.  It is a glue like adhesive that glues but serves as a sealer as well.

My project today is an acrylic box which I picked up in the dollar spot at Target for $3.  I have been looking for something to put my few bedside items in.  These are things like lotion, chapstick and hairbands that I leave out on the nightstand so they are accessible.  Instead of cluttering up the nightstand, I thought a tray or box of some sort would be a cute way to stow them.

Here is the box:


First I cut a template of the bottom of the box in paper and then traced it and cut out the wrapping paper I wanted to use.

IMG_7241 IMG_7240

Next you use your Mod Podge.


Here is a video which will show you step by step how to use the product Mod Podge.

While drying, I hot glued 3 small decorative knobs which I purchased from Michaels to the lid.

IMG_7245 IMG_7246

It gave this otherwise boring box some bling.

Here is the completed box.


I really like it!  It's a great place to store those bedside necessities.  It's not only functional but looks cute.

IMG_7289 IMG_7290

Here it is hard at work.


What new craft product have you recently used?

I'd love to hear.

To life feeling like home!


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