Vintage Collections: 3 Tips on Decorating With Collections

How to decorate with collections and not make it look like clutter!

Today we’re going to chat about how to incorporate the things you love, your collections, into your decor with style. If you've been around here awhile, you know I love a good collection!  I even did a whole series on the blog highlighting those (LINK).  Over the years, I've collected a lot of different things, some of which I am now getting rid of to make room for things which appeal to me more now.  I have learned a few home decor ideas for making your collections shine and look cohesive.

TIP #1: Group them together! 

My two favorite collections right now are my chinoiserie and my heirloom silver. My silver collection (LINK) all started with a tea set inherited from my grandmother. When it’s grouped together, and displayed as a collection, it packs a stylish punch. The same goes for the chinoiserie. I use them all over the place, but when they are all in one place, they really stand out. 

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TIP #2: Mix collections with Other Items to Bring in Style Throughout

Though it makes a huge impact to display collections in groupings, I have also found that popping pieces into vignettes and using them in many different spaces throughout the home brings a cohesiveness to your style. For example, using my chinoiserie throughout different spaces brings that pop of blue all through my home and brings the color scheme and vintage style I want to showcase throughout my whole home. 

Also mixing collections like my silver and china makes unique displays in my dining room. This creates an interesting display in both my china cupboard and shelving.

TIP #3: Enjoy Your Collections

Collections are meant to be used.  Not only are they pretty and personal, but make them functional as well!  I use my milk glass items all throughout our home.  The vases are used for cut flowers, the bowls are used on my vanity to hold necessities.  My china is used not only for special occasions, but I hang a favorite plate on the wall for decor and I display pieces out in the open.

Start Your Own Collection!  Here are some great vintage items to get you started!

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