Winter Coffee Table & Quick Candle Koozie

Hi! friends.  Today I’m going to be sharing my winter coffee table style.

After putting away my Christmas decorations, I was ready for a new look for our table.  I had always stacked books on it, but it seemed to get more and more cluttered as remotes and other items were set down and left as life marched on.  My first step was to clear the clutter.  I designated a basket for remotes and decided to use a tray to create a special vignette for the area.  

I like to corral my items in a tray.  This way, I am able to move the tray off the table quickly when we need to put our feet up, set up a board game or do a Lego project with the kids.

Here are the items I gathered from around my home to use for this project.  You do not need to buy anything new.  Most of these are things you can pull from other spaces or you have similar pieces already in your home.


Some of the elements I like to include in a coffee table styling or any other kind of tablescape are books, plants, candles, bowls, chachzkis, or a vase.

Don’t be afraid to stylize your table in various ways.  If your table is rectangular, one way to style it is to divide your space into 4 sections and style each corner.  Another way is to have 2 sections in the middle.

As I did on our circular table, you can center everything in the middle or corral on a tray.  Trays are perfect for small tables, even ottomans.

Want to see how I made the candle koozie?  I first saw this idea on  So cute!

DIY Candle Koozie by

Super easy and quick update for those candles which have a chip or need a little refresh for the season.  Use thrift store sweaters or outdated ones from your own closet to cozy up those candles for winter.

Tomorrow, I’m going to be showing you other coffee table stylings from some of my blogger friends, so come on back and get a slew of other great ideas!


Winter Coffee Table Styling by

To life feeling like home!


  1. Mary H says:

    I love the simple styling of your table. I am totally Pinning and stealing your Candle cozi idea; its genius!

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