6 Gorgeous Sofas That Won’t Break the Bank

It is time for new sofas!  We have two leather sofas that sit in our main living space, one on each wall.  It's a great set up for tv viewing since we have plenty of space for everyone to lounge.  Our current sofas though have seen better days.  They are used daily and within the last six months, have pretty much just given up on us.  The leather has begun to peel off and the sight of them is ruining my day. Ha!  I have attempted to use throws and pillows to cover them up, but it's time to give it up and move on.  I know I'm not the only one who has used these tricks before, right?  I even thought about getting slipcovers, but the cushions and back are all one piece, so throwing a slipcover on makes it look like a giant tent.

Here is the sad state of affairs.

Peeling leather on our current sofas, looking for new gorgeous sofas which are affordable IMG_3382

Well, it is officially time to start shopping!  I really do dread shopping for large items.  I always worry about making the wrong choice and then being stuck with something I wish I didn't have.  I also know myself and my tastes change, so I am afraid of investing in something to decide I don't like it any longer.

Here's what I'm thinking for this space.  I am looking to replace my existing sofas with something a little lighter.  I may be crazy to do this with three active children, but though we have tons of windows in the space, it doesn't get a lot of natural light because this space sits in the back of the house without direct sunlight.  I want to continue lightening up my home and adding more neutral decor.

I am also cheap.  Since I want to buy two sofas, I really don't want to break the bank. But with that said, I don't want something that falls apart in a couple of years.

I have been scouring the internet and came up with six great options to choose from that are gorgeous but also affordable.

I thought I'd share these options with you today and you can help me decide!

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1// Darcy Sofa: $299 Hello!  Love the curvy arms.  This one has its pillows detached which is a good option for washing them when they get dirty.  For $299, I about fell over!

2// Kieran Sofa: $859 I love the combination of the curvy arms, tufted back and nailhead trim. What a charming farmhouse sofa.

3// Felton Tufted Sofa $569.99 I love the clean lines of this option.  The tufted back is gorgeous!

4// Barrister Sofa in Gray Velvet: $767.99 This velvet sofa comes in a number of different colors. Isn't it so chic and stylish!

5// Brookfield Three Seat Sofa: $659.99 (sale $518.49) This light gray color would be a good option for a neutral.  I can see pillows piled on this one. Works in a modern or traditional space well.

6// Courtney Sofa: $619.99 Traditional style tan linen sofa.  This one has one solid cushion instead of three.  The clean lines give it a modern look.

Yikes!  This is going to be so hard to decide!
Which one do you like best?


To life feeling like home!


  1. Tammy says:

    Not a fan of the middle two, they seem hard and cold.
    I like the first two the best, but I am NOT a fan of loose pillow back sofas.

    I had one once and it got to where the back pillows would slide down, forcing the seat
    pillows to slide out and off the sofa! It was crazy. I’ll never have another.

    Can you sit on any of these prior to buying? I’d never buy a sofa or chair for lounging
    without trying it out first.

    • Amy says:

      Hi Tammy! Good point about the pillows. I think that would drive me crazy also! I love pillows, but get frustrated when they end up all over the floor. I have checked out the two from Ashley Furniture and fell in love with one of them. I’ll share my “chosen” one with you guys next week!

  2. Mary says:

    We are also in the market for a new couch because our cushions are so worn, we almost sit on the floor 🙁 I hate shopping for things like this too because they are so expensive and what if you don’t like it once you get it home and sit on it for a week…ugh! I love the Darcy sofa (I have other Ashley pieces) and the price is unbelievable! I may have to check it out! Good luck with your shopping! I cant wait to see what you pick!

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