6 Things I Always Buy at IKEA

Find out what 6 items I never pass up while shopping at IKEA

Who are my IKEA shoppers out there?

We've been blessed to have an IKEA here in Cincinnati for about 8 years now. Having the convenience of shopping there has made me wonder what I did before it was so close!

Having a ball pit may be the best part of IKEA except for those cinnamon rolls!  I never can say “no” to those! Sometimes I just need a mommy break and I check Grant into the ball pit and enjoy some time dreaming of a life in NYC where I would need a couch that does 15 things.  No, really I do have the most fun just walking through and checking out the designed move in ready rooms.  I always seem to get great ideas to use in my home.  I have certainly bought a piece of furniture now and then, but by far the things I always gravitate too are the same each time I go. What are your go- to items?

Here are mine!!

6 Must Have Items to Buy from IKEA


1. Glassware

If you're like me, then glassware seems like a senseless investment. Almost on a weekly basis, a glass bites the dust. IKEA has all my favorite styles at a great price, so then I don't have to worry when one hits the occasional floor!


 2. Curtains

IKEA has a variety of curtains in all sizes and those velvet ones you are craving are reasonably priced.


3. Rugs

Another staple, but without the $600 price tag for an 8×10.

That one hanging is now in my basement!

IMG_0865 IMG_0867

4. Home Organization Tools

Do you need a box or a bin? Want it in hot pink? IKEA has it. I use the storage boxes for everything; craft supplies, extra home decor, paperwork, and photos.


5. Candles

I love candles but am picky about the scent and the color. The cream colored, vanilla scented candles I stockpile! I use them all the time. They have a scent which isn't overwhelming and the best part is the labels easily peel right off.

IMG_0869 IMG_0870

6. Plants

Since I've been working to develop a green thumb (Terrarium, Green Thumb, Green Thumb Update), I have bought a lot of plants (real ones) in their garden area. I recently purchased a standing tree for $9.99. I am still in search of the elusive blogger favorite, the fiddle fig leaf tree, but my IKEA hasn't had it yet.  Did you hear that IKEA Westchester, you need to get that plant?!


What are the items that you always buy? Please share the love so we can all get in on it!

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Have a great day!

To life feeling like home!


  1. Cally says:

    LOOOOOOOVE their fabric.
    It’s inexpensive and amazing!
    I usually get a piece or two seasonly as a simple table cloth, or use an oversized frame to decorate our mantle.
    Happy IKEA day!

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