Bucket List: Ohio Valley Antique Mall

I shared with you a few weeks ago that I've really gotten into thrifting and antiquing as a hobby.  I love the thrill of the hunt and when given the time, I love to just browse and see what fun things I can find.  Even if I just walk away with one item I really love, it was worth the trip.  I like to call myself a digger!  Do you enjoy being a digger?  Being a digger does require patience and time though.  Both of which I don't always have a huge stock of.  With that said, I did find an afternoon last week to check out the Ohio Valley Antique Mall in Fairfield, OH.  I have always wanted to go there!  I knew going in that it required a block of time to get through it all, so I made sure to have plenty of time to enjoy the trip.  Another key thing, leave the kids behind!

The Ohio Valley Antique Mall is 65,000 square feet and has over 600 dealer booths to browse!  They are open year round 9AM-9PM except for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  In store, they have a cafe and lounge to take a break.


I have to say when I first stepped in the doors, I was shocked.  I had never seen so much stuff all in one place.  I wasn't even sure where to begin, but each aisle is labeled with a street name which makes it easier to navigate.  So I grabbed a cart, took a deep breath and just started walking.

IMG_0289They definitely have a little bit of everything for everyone including; antiques, collectibles, books, furniture, vintage clothing and accessories.

Even local team memorabilia from the Reds, Bengals and Ohio State were represented.


I loved this display of vintage Pyrex dishes!IMG_0291

Putting together a man cave?  They've got you covered with the light up signs!IMG_0292 This was one of my favorite booths.  Do you see the rustic cow heads on the right?  I absolutely loved those, but just couldn't think where they would fit in my home.  Joanna Gaines would have bought those for sure!IMG_0293This was my favorite piece of furniture.  An old library card catalog. I can think of so many places for that!  Just beautiful!


Like I said, something for everyone!IMG_0286In total, I spent about 2 and 1/2 hours to walk through it all.  By the end, my head was spinning and my eyes hurt, but it was so fun!  I was specifically looking for certain things, but it's always good to keep an open mind because something might just jump out and grab you.  Sometimes those end up being your favorite treasures.

I took home a cart full of juice glasses, iron stone, and odds and ends.  Something did grab me and I'll share that with you later!  I can't wait to get it ready for use.

I would definitely recommend a trip to the Ohio Valley Antique Mall.  Plan for an afternoon or more and wear your walking shoes!  Now I feel ready for my ultimate bucket list item: Round Top Flea Market in Texas.  Maybe some day?

To life feeling like home!



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